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Lauriate Roly Remembers: No Power that Saturday Night

April 10, 2017


By Lauriate Roly   “I’ll give you ten dollars”. Well, no… What do you mean, No? If people really want to hear me play because they like it, I don’t need money to please them.  It’s enough for me that they enjoy my playing.  I love to play, and I love to hear myself play.  […]

Lauriate Roly Remembers: The Magic Violin

December 12, 2016


By Lauriate Roly There’s a lovely church in front of my house. Mountainview is a tiny hamlet.  There are only five houses, five mailboxes, a lonely and hidden cemetery and a beautiful old fashioned style church that never sees a soul enter there except on very special days, such as Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Or, […]

Lauriate Roly Remembers: They Laughed When I Sat Down to Play

March 14, 2016


I don’t know how I learned to play the piano. It’s such a ridiculous history that I’m having trouble writing about it.  But, ridiculous as it may be, I’m going to try to tell you, as clearly as I, in my senior of senior years, may relate the story and attempt to put all the fatuous […]

Bandshell (Maybe Forever?)

September 7, 2015


By Lauriate Roly One of my greatest pleasures is hearing a band playing in an outdoor bandshell.  From earliest childhood days that I can recall, listening to music being played in the open air is just about the most beautiful feeling there is for me. The music is raw.  No enhancing sound devices involved and […]

Cultural Appropriation: I’m Drawing the Line… ALL the Way Back.

July 13, 2015


I have traveled the world, and there is a lot to love. If I want to wear, eat, own, use, or display anything that takes my fancy, from ANYWHERE… I will. You can stuff your “cultural appropriation” right where the sun don’t shine. A friend recently pushed my buttons on this topic by telling me […]

… Like the Birdies Sing

April 19, 2013


By Lauriate Roly Do Birds Recognize Humans – And Know When To Come Around? I recently read that birds recognize humans and that they will come around if they think you might feed them or even if they just enjoy being near you for some reason. I have a feeling this is actually a fact […]

Vitas, the Man With the Five-Octave Voice

August 14, 2012


His name is Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachyov, but you can call him Vitas.  He was born in Latvia, raised in Ukraine, sings in Russian, and is wildly popular in China.  When I say “wildly popular,” I mean, he draws crowds of fainting girls worthy of the Beatles’ heyday.  Here is a video of crowd reactions, shot […]

Russia (Update): Pussy Riot Trial Concludes

August 10, 2012


Remember, we wrote about Russia’s all-girl punk band Pussy Riot way back in March, when they had just gotten arrested – three of them anyway – for performing an unauthorized “Punk Prayer” in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior.  The song was a political protest  in response to Patriarch Kirill’s public statements that people should […]

The Higgs Boson: On a Related Note

July 13, 2012


In the wake of yesterday’s depressing article, I leave you to your weekend with this cheery little whimsy. Domenico Vicinanza, who is both a musician and an engineer with DANTE, has led a collaborative effort to map the data set collected at the Large Hadron Collider to music.  Each data point was assigned a musical […]

Pussy Riot, Russia’s Feminist Punk Band – and Political Prisoners

March 30, 2012


Pussy Riot is a colorful all-female punk rock group making headlines in Russia, and perhaps soon, the world, as several of their members are now jailed and their lawyer is speaking of taking their case before the International Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The band first came to light last fall during the pre-election […]