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Stop the Pussification of America

November 14, 2016


Parents:  let your kids find their own way in childhood. Let them be disappointed.  Make them strong and confident by letting them do things, not by telling them they are special snowflakes.  The real threat to America is not Trump; it’s the past several decades of helicopter parenting that turns out 20-year-old spoiled, fearful children. […]

Can Any Self-Respecting Woman Vote Republican? Yes, If She’s Ultraconservative

October 23, 2012


Denny Friedenrich, writing on The Hill online, enumerates some recent examples demonstrating the reality of the GOP “War on Women.”   The cutting of funds to Planned Parenthood.  Republican lawmakers making idiotic remarks associating the Girl Scouts with Planned Parenthood.  Claiming that you can’t get pregnant from rape.  Claiming that abortions are never necessary to save […]