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Dear Aggressively Hypersensitive Victims, Shaming Others Does Not Help Your Cause

April 25, 2016


I’m tired of aggressively hypersensitive victims acting as if the whole world has to stop and change the way they live, laugh, and relate. Saturday Night Live is not exactly known as a bastion of gentle humor.  It is crass and stupid and cutting and spot-on and hilarious and fun.  So, it should not have surprised […]

Tax Time: Why So Complicated?

April 11, 2016


Tax preparation shouldn’t be a choice between paying a “professional” or losing a couple of days of your life every April. Most people grouse about the high cost of taxes (and how the government spends the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars).  Another big gripe, though, is how complicated they are. “Just use some software,” was the helpful […]

Another Misleading Internet Meme

April 4, 2016


I’m getting tired of seeing certain Internet memes like this one making the rounds.  Golly, life is so hard and unfair these days.  A 40-hour-a-week job just doesn’t support us anymore.  You know what?  Life IS unfair, but this is not why.  This is something you can actually fix, if you want to.  Yes, there was […]

Kim Davis and False Christianity

October 5, 2015


According to the teachings of Jesus, Kim Davis is an adulteress and hypocrite right now. Not just in her past. I’m not a Christian. I’m not trying to convert anybody, one way or the other. However, as a sometime scholar of the Bible (for actual grades!), I do think it bears mentioning that Kim Davis […]

“The Eagle Has Landed.” The 46th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

July 20, 2015


Lila remembers it, but was roundly unimpressed at the time. In my memory, the first moon landing is inextricably linked to my mother’s death. She died suddenly on 13 July 1969, while we were living abroad in South America. Three days later, on 16 July, the astronauts launched. I think I was aware of it; […]

Cultural Appropriation: I’m Drawing the Line… ALL the Way Back.

July 13, 2015


I have traveled the world, and there is a lot to love. If I want to wear, eat, own, use, or display anything that takes my fancy, from ANYWHERE… I will. You can stuff your “cultural appropriation” right where the sun don’t shine. A friend recently pushed my buttons on this topic by telling me […]

A Wasted Organ Transplant: Why Patients’ Social History and Potential SHOULD Matter

May 11, 2015


If you were faced with 100 dying people, and could only save 79 of them, how would you choose? Back in 2012, 15-year-old Anthony Stokes was denied a lifesaving heart transplant. Doctors ruled him a bad candidate because of a “history of noncompliance,” meaning he was unlikely to follow doctors’ orders concerning medications and follow-up […]

Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

July 4, 2014


It’s worth remembering that the “founding fathers” of our country were brave enough to stand up to what they saw as tyranny. They were willing to risk their personal and political fortunes, their freedom and their very lives to oppose the Crown over issues like unfair taxes, curtailment of credit, being forced to accommodate soldiers […]

The Building Code: Robbing Us of Imagination, Fun, and Personal Responsibility

March 7, 2014


Building codes should be about buildings, not about people. As you have read here previously, Lila and Hubby are in the process of building a house.  This process is much more fluid than I thought it would be:  the Code has changed recently, requiring our builder to re-work some of our architect’s plans, but always […]

Before You Buy That All-Terrain Vehicle: Where Can You Ride It?

January 6, 2014


An explosion in ATV ownership, coupled with a lack of public trails for their use, is a recipe for disappointment.  It is not a license to trespass on private property. When we moved to our current home with its two acres of woods, Hubby mentioned it at work.  “Ooooohhh,” said one of his co-workers, “Can […]

Health News You Can Use: Cheap Alzheimer’s Prevention?

November 29, 2013


Check out this article in the Vancouver Sun by Dr. Patrick McGeer:  “Government should support clinical trials to learn if ibuprofen can prevent Alzheimer’s.”  The thrust:  the Kinsmen Laboratory of Neurological Research at the University of British Columbia — of which Dr. McGeer is the director — has observed that a) the beta-amyloid brain plaques […]

Grim Thoughts on the Origins of Veterans Day: Voices From WWI

November 11, 2013


Note from Lila:  we have been fighting in Afghanistan for twelve years now, with ever less and less mention of it in the press.  It is our latest Forgotten War, even as it is still ongoing.  For all of the casualties of Iraq and Afghanistan, see “The Faces of the Fallen” at The Washington Post […]

Welcome Back to Standard Time

November 4, 2013


Ah… yesterday, Daylight Saving Time ended for the year and we all got an extra hour to sleep in.  Spring ahead, fall back.  I’ve never been a fan.  While stationed in the tropics (and in Arizona), I didn’t have to worry so much about which weekend the time change was coming, about oversleeping, that jet-lag-like […]

How the NSA Intentionally Weakened Our National Security

September 19, 2013


Maybe you are in the camp that reasons, “Hey, I’m not doing anything wrong, so it’s no big deal if the NSA tracks my information.”  Even if you don’t care about your privacy, it is a big deal, it does impact you personally, and here’s why. First:  Your financial institutions, your water company, electric company, […]

Tax Day

April 15, 2013


I know everyone’s pretty busy and stressed today, what with it being both a Monday and Tax Day, so I will keep this short. I am reminded that in the early 1980s, there was much talk of simplifying the US Tax code, or at least the torturous process that ordinary citizens were subjected to as […]

Tax Time: Why So Complicated?

April 1, 2013


Tax preparation shouldn’t be a choice between paying a “professional” or losing a couple of days of your life every April. Most people grouse about the high cost of taxes (and how the government spends the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars).  Another big gripe, though, is how complicated they are. “Just use some software,” was the helpful […]

Grim Thoughts on the Origins of Veterans Day: Voices From WWI

November 12, 2012


It used to be called Armistice Day.  At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the Great War officially ended. It was the first war to involve all of the great powers of the Earth aligned against each other; it was first industrialized war; the first war to see air-to-air combat; […]

Sally Ride, First US Woman in Space

July 24, 2012


Dr. Sally Ride, first US woman in space, has passed away at the young age of 61, just three days after the 43rd anniversary of the first moon landing.  She was a real role model for women everywhere:  bright, educated, brave, adventurous, and fully capable of achieving great things on her own merits. Dr. Ride […]

What The Colorado Wildfires Have Taught Me About Reverse 911 Calls

June 29, 2012


Reverse 911 calls.  I had no idea such a thing existed until a friend mentioned it in her emails about the fires threatening her neighborhood.  The residents had been advised, but not ordered, to evacuate.  As a precaution, she moved her family in with her aunt on the other side of town, but after several […]

“Subprime College Educations” – Partly Our Own Fault

June 14, 2012


George Will has an article in the Washington Post this week about the rising cost and declining quality of American college educations.  It really resonated with me, and the schools have a lot to answer for; it seems that these days, a college education is of less preparatory value than high school used to be […]

Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend!

May 25, 2012


All, according to AAA, this Memorial Day Weekend is shaping up to be a busy one on the roads.  Maybe that’s because gas prices are actually down, which is a very good thing.  A lot of travelers will be headed out to the beaches, or to visit family, or to enjoy a long weekend somewhere […]

Breastfeeding Controversy: What’s Normal? What’s Accepted?

May 18, 2012


It would be hard to miss all the ado over Time magazine’s cover showing Jamie Lynn Grumet breastfeeding her nearly four-year-old son as both look directly into the camera.  I’m in the camp that sees something wrong with this, and my opinion admittedly has a lot to do with 21st-century American culture, because that’s where […]

Michelle Duggar On Overpopulation, and Why She’s Wrong

March 30, 2012


In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Michelle Duggar explains that the world is not overpopulated, because if you stood the entire population of the world shoulder to shoulder, they would all fit within the city limits of Jacksonville, Florida.  I was just about to fire off my rage at this absolute nonsense, but […]

What the Hell is Happening in the Air These Days?

March 27, 2012


Is it something in the coffee?  First, we had the incident involving a wigged-out flight attendant who was apparently off her meds and had to be carried, screaming bloody murder, off the plane after being forcibly subdued by other crewmembers and passengers.  Now, we are hearing of an incident in which another plane’s pilot wigged […]