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Teen Pregnancy: The Old, Old Story

August 14, 2017


It is the old, old story. Young love, flaring passions, secret, unprotected sex… an unintended pregnancy… and life-changing consequences.  Adolescence instantaneously ends, and two young people are flung, unprepared, into adulthood. Here is a glimpse backward at how things once were… A far cry from how they are today. Just some food for thought. A […]

I Never Wanted to Be a Mommy

September 12, 2016


I ran across this really excellent article by Jessica Valenti in The Atlantic:  “Not Wanting Kids Is Entirely Normal.”  Thank you, thank you, thank you Ms. Valenti.  Everyone needs to read this.  It exposes the dirty, secret truth about parenting:  there are a lot of mothers out there who regret becoming parents, who didn’t know […]

All I Need to Know, I Learned From Comics: Baltimore Comic-Con This Weekend!

August 29, 2016


This weekend, for anyone who can make it, is the Baltimore Comic-Con! Hubby and I were fortunate enough to attend the event a couple of years back.  It was apparently an enormous success and drew the largest crowds seen in… maybe the whole history of the event, at least up to that point.  The line, for […]

Transgender Bathroom Laws: Kind of Useless

May 2, 2016


Which bathroom should a transgendered person use, and should the rest of us even care?  Would we even know?  If we don’t know, how can we know if a law is being broken, and how can we be traumatized? There are several variations on this, and Lila’s feelings range from “meh” to  “it’s complicated.” The […]

The Gift of Nina

March 23, 2016


By Joan Larsen Death is a part of life.  We must accept that.  .  . and do.  We find that the joys jointly shared will become the emotions that will remain with us forever.  Nina remains in my heart.  . and always will. My thoughts leap out.  I find it rare to find a woman — […]

This Conservative Meme Got It All Wrong on Reproductive Rights and Responsibilities

January 25, 2016


Fact-based critical thinking is seriously wounded in this country. So… one of my rather conservative friends… a very religious and avidly pro-life individual… shared the below meme, from a Facebook page called “Right Wing News.” A quick scroll through the posts on that page pretty much confirm that it is rabidly uber-conservative, sometimes nonsensically so. […]

Joan Larsen Writes: Live Life to the Fullest – A Room of Our Own

January 20, 2016


By Joan Larsen So often, we do not have time to smell the roses, do we?  Sometimes, it feels as if we have just run a marathon  .  .  . and yet there is still more to do.  Perhaps I am prejudiced, but women are responsible for so many things in our world of today.  […]

Report Crimes to the Police, Not to Your College Administration

January 11, 2016


Remember the Rolling Stone article that detailed a horrific gang rape at University of Virginia, only to be quickly retracted when “Jackie’s” story didn’t add up? Even when it became clear that Jackie’s story was not true, advocates insisted that something bad had happened, that women simply don’t invent rape allegations from thin air, that […]

Why are Women Criminals for Drunk Driving, but “Victims” of Drunk Sex?

October 19, 2015


The live social-media broadcast of a DUI in progress should remind us about who is really responsible for drunken decisions.   23-year-old Whitney Beall live-streamed her own drunk driving misadventure via Periscope, and ended up arrested for DUI. No surprise, but check out the 11-minute video at Huffington Post. Listen to her repeated comments about […]

Teen Pregnancy: The Old, Old Story

September 21, 2015


It is the old, old story. Young love, flaring passions, secret, unprotected sex… an unintended pregnancy… and life-changing consequences.  Adolescence instantaneously ends, and two young people are flung, unprepared, into adulthood. Here is a glimpse backward at how things once were… A far cry from how they are today. Just some food for thought. A […]

Financial Planning Has No Gender

September 14, 2015


It’s basic math, and the most important lesson is: start as young as possible. Lila’s credit union has just considerately sent her an invitation to a financial seminar for women. “Join [a lawyer, a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and Financial Advisor] for this complimentary, no-obligation educational seminar, tailored to women ages 35-60. We’ll discuss the […]

Gay Marriage and Petty Bureaucrats: Power vs. Responsibility

July 6, 2015


One might think that the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide would signal an end to the matter of gay marriage. But no, now we have low-level judges and county clerks standing in the way, refusing to issue marriage licenses because they believe that their personal religious beliefs and their consciences trump the highest […]

Christian Fundamentalists Treat Females Just as Badly as Muslim Fundamentalists

May 25, 2015


Odd that Westerners fear the patriarchal extremism of Islamic Sharia law, but tolerate or even praise the exact same principles when they are espoused by Christian extremists like the Duggar clan. How very strange. There has been much flailing recently over revelations of Josh Duggar’s molestation of girls – some of them his own sisters […]

Lila in the Land of the Giants

March 16, 2015


What if pickle jars came with lids that were 8″ in diameter? What if countertops were four feet high? What if chairs and toilets were three feet high? What if leaf-blower handles were as big around as mayonnaise jars, or steps were a standard 12″ high? Welcome to my world.   It has been noted […]

Plastic Surgery: The One Thing Men are Not Allowed to Ask For

March 2, 2015


They’ll let some guy have 100 operations to look like a Ken doll, but by God, don’t ask for a penis reduction, because that’s abnormal.   So The Daily Mail reports that a US teen has just had the world’s first penis reduction surgery. If you’re not real squeamish, or if you’re not a guy […]

On Identity, Looks, and Impressions

January 5, 2015


We’re told from an early age not to judge a book by its cover, but we do anyway.  Oh, how we do. I read with interest Phoebe Baker Hyde’s article, “My Year Without Makeup.”  In it, she starts out by detailing “This is who I am,” followed by a long list of roles she has […]

A New Low in Toys for Girls: Feces Are Magical and Fun!

December 22, 2014


The old baby dolls that could “go potty” were apparently not enough for today’s girls, so now we have dolls that crap rainbows and jewels. I have written previously that as a child, I despised my plastic baby dolls and much preferred my brother’s toys. I thought the baby dolls were sort of creepy, and […]

Rape Allegations Should Require Immediate Police Involvement

December 8, 2014


They say that women don’t lie about rape. But they do, and that hurts victims. There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the now-discredited and retracted Rolling Stone article about a horrific gang-rape in a fraternity house on the UVA campus.   Victim advocates lament that this will make it harder for other […]

“One in Three Military Women Raped.” Really?? I Don’t Think So.

November 17, 2014


It’s interesting, when confronted with what seems like an outrageous claim, to pull the string and follow it to where the statistics come from.  Sexual assault in the military is a terrible thing, damaging, unforgivable, under-reported, too rarely prosecuted.  Yes, it is all those things.  But one in three military women are raped during their […]

Halloween is One Week Away. Children’s Costumes to Avoid

October 24, 2014


In case you missed this last year, here is Lila’s common-sense public service announcement about costumes for your daughters:   If your little girl is wearing this stuff, she’s a pedophile’s dream.  If your teen is wearing it, she’s jailbait.  That’s all there is to it, so pick something else. Halloween is a week away, […]

Drunk Sex: When Will Women Be Seen As Responsible Decision-Makers in Sexual Matters?

October 20, 2014


The “No means no” slogan of the past couple of decades hasn’t really helped much where sexual misconduct on campus is concerned. Enter a new slogan, “Yes means yes.” It sounds good in theory – affirmative consent all around before any activity is initiated – but it fails to resolve the single biggest problem in […]

Joan Larsen’s Book Reviews: An Inside Look – Remarkable Women of Our Time

October 15, 2014


By Joan Larsen   For those of us who are “middle-aged” or a tiny bit above, reading books is in our blood. Some of us have libraries of books we cannot part with. You can count me as one of them. I am counting on heaven as being a library in fact . . . […]

Farewell to Jerrie Mock, First Woman to Fly Solo Around the Globe

October 6, 2014


She was the record-setting aviatrix you probably haven’t heard of.   Last weekend, the New York Times ran a full-length obituary article for one Mrs. Jerrie Mock, who passed away last week at the age of 88. I’d like to say that the remarkable Jerri Mock was famous for being the first female pilot to […]

Moving Hiatus! Meanwhile, Back to… If You Are Pro-Life, Then You Are Anti-IVF

August 29, 2014


All, one more look back at a Lila-Encore!  Lila and Hubby are still unpacking and unboxing, and the new house is finally starting to look more like a house and less like a hurricane-mauled refugee camp.  Lila’s computer is up and running so I will soon be back to blogging! Meanwhile, here’s a look back […]

Moving Hiatus! Meanwhile, Back to… I Never Wanted to Be a Mommy

August 18, 2014


All, the big week is here!  Lila and Hubby are busy packing, boxing, driving, unpacking, unboxing, and hopefully not killing each other in the process.  At the end of it all we should… I hope… have our new dream home all set up and running smoothly.  As Lila’s computer is somewhere in between here and […]

Hey South Carolina: I Was a 7-Year-Old Latchkey Kid

July 21, 2014


Thank God it was the 1970s, so my Dad didn’t end up in jail, and I didn’t end up in foster care.   In the news we hear of a South Carolina mother who was jailed and lost custody of her 9-year-old daughter for allowing her to play unsupervised at a local park (with a […]

Hobby Lobby and IVF: Inconsistent Thinking

July 14, 2014


By now we all know that the Supreme Court ruled that “closely held” for-profit employers may decline to pay for contraceptive coverage if it goes against the business owners’ religious beliefs. This, in spite of the ACA’s stance that contraception is an essential part of women’s reproductive health in this day and age. Hobby Lobby, […]

Law Enforcement Has Officially Gone Insane: Teen Sexting as Child Porn

July 11, 2014


Teens experimenting with their budding sexual urges is normal. Cops giving a 17-year-old boy an erection against his will and then photographing it as “evidence” is just SICK.   By now most of us are aware of “sexting,” that indiscreet practice of sending nude or partly nude photos of oneself to one’s love interest.   As […]

The Other Reason Girls are Hypersexualized

June 30, 2014


Do we continue to foster a culture that insidiously discourages females from doing much of anything else? Women’s-lib veterans must be SO disappointed.   As we have lamented before, it seems like girls these days are too wrapped up in their physical appearance, that they put so much of their self-worth in things like boobs […]

Dear Girls: Boys are Not Neutered Ken Dolls, and Yes, That’s Why Dress Codes are Smart

June 13, 2014


Women seem to have unfair and unrealistic expectations that men should be a bunch of neutered Ken dolls until – and only until – we want them to be otherwise.   With warmer weather, there have been a few incidents of schoolgirls being disciplined for violating school dress codes. The girls, often backed by their […]

General Sinclair’s “Lenient” Sentence Not Really All that Lenient

March 24, 2014


Firebrands like Rep. Jackie Speier call the sentence “incompetent” and “sordid.”  I call it “fair.”  Here’s why. Maggie Ybarra, writing for the Washington Times, reports on the outrage over the perceived “lenience” of Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair’s sentence  – a reprimand and a $20,000 fine – following his trial for sexual assault and adultery: Lawmakers […]