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Joan Larsen’s Time of Pure Joy: Saving a Baby’s Life

November 14, 2018


By Joan Larsen The very best . . . the most wondrous times of life come to us at the most unexpected moments.  The few that touch our hearts in that certain way stay with us forever.  For most of a lifetime of driving down to Carmel and Big Sur along the Pacific coast of […]

Joan Larsen Presents Robin Gaphni: Eight Years…

November 7, 2018


It is with great pleasure that I introduce our guest writer today.  Over a lifetime, I have rarely found a woman who so beautifully expresses in her words — words that most of us find so difficult to articulate — our own thoughts, often never expressed, as we too experience our own personal feelings of […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Secret Places in Our World… An Island Called Bird

October 31, 2018


By Joan Larsen A faraway island at the very bottom of the world –far off Antarctica – was destined to have a singular impact on my heart and mind forever.  On any map, it would remain a dot.  A small dot.  Eight of us bobbed in the sea in a small Zodiac raft as the sandy […]

Joan Larsen’s Story of Ethan: Should Being A Doctor Be in His Future?

October 24, 2018


By Joan Larsen The phone rang. As I answered, I would never have believed that – with my answers – I could be changing a life at the other end. Ethan – my friend’s newly 16-year-old son, a boy brilliant in my estimation – was counting on me for help. Those in high school honors […]

Wayne Ranney: The Splendor of Morocco

October 17, 2018


Morocco.  .  . a country we find like no other . . . with fragrances of fresh oranges and mint scenting the air, mingling with the sounds of artisans doing what they do best.  We have stepped into another world.  A world apart.  Our guide once again is Wayne Ranney, prominent geologist, world traveller and […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Sleeping Among the Trees – Vacationing in the World’s Coolest Treehouse Hotels

October 10, 2018


by Joan Larsen It was years ago when we first stepped outside our comfort zone while mountain climbing at Jackson Hole, Wyoming – finding ourselves  following a very tempting sign that promised hidden lodging high among the treetops of a forest.  The stairs upward?  Many more than you would believe.  But the experience of sleeping […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Defying Gravity – Nature’s Acrobats

October 3, 2018


By Joan Larsen   As my family climbed in the Canadian Rockies last year, clinging to what turned out to be sheer rock faces, finding ourselves in places where no one wanted to look down – all of us were “stunned” – and more – that we luckily had been so sure-footed and made it […]

Joan Larsen in London: Famed Actresses of All Time – An Interlude with Ingrid Bergman

September 26, 2018


By Joan Larsen Another world, another time…  a time when we were young, eager to grab for the stars along the way, and then – then – an opportunity to go to London.  LONDON!  Well, London was like being given the world.  Two weeks in London was to be a glimpse of heaven and we […]

Joan Larsen’s Romantic Getaways: The Seychelles Islands –A True Corner of Paradise

September 19, 2018


By Joan Larsen Marooned in the middle of the Indian Ocean lies an almost unknown archipelago of 115 islands – the Seychelles – that have a pristine, tropical beauty that made me feel that our small ship had drifted into a dream world. As a child, literature had called it “as close to the Garden […]

Joan Larsen’s Secret Wonders: The Joy of Having Older Friends

September 12, 2018


By Joan Larsen     Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, But beautiful old people are works of art. –          Eleanor Roosevelt   I am often known for my good taste in people.  And so, for years, the friends I hold the most dear are the beautiful older people that are presently living the […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Heartstopping! The World’s Most Extreme Runways

September 5, 2018


by Joan Larsen For absolutely all of us who have flown to our destinations before the “post-2000” era, there was little written about dangerous runways. Do you remember articles listing them? I don’t think so. If we had any worry in the long distant past, it might center on a plane crash in an unlikely […]

Joan Larsen’s Dream of Late Summer: The Hidden Getaway at the Lake House

August 29, 2018


By Joan Larsen I believe down deep we are all alike. Deep inside us, unbidden thoughts take over our quiet moments in the early darkness of winter. The two of us find ourselves talking – the kind of conversation that usually comes late in the evening when the lights are low. It is then we […]

Joan Larsen Introduces Katrina Kenison: Solitude

August 22, 2018


It is with pure delight – and yes, more than a little excitement – that I introduce our guest author and writer today. Rarely do we find a woman who so wonderfully expresses in writing what we all think at times – the thoughts deep within that we never really fully articulate. Our guest today, […]

Joan Larsen’s Summer Getaway for 2018: Hawaii’s Paradise – The Island of Kauai

August 15, 2018


By Joan Larsen   Make the world go away . . . and I know I reflect you, and probably most others – in feeling that LIFE – yes, life in big letters – has to be better than it had been lately. It has to. We are all drowning in the ever-changing news cycles […]

Joan Larsen’s Incredible Summer Adventure: Sailing to the Top of the World

August 8, 2018


By Joan Larsen There are very few untouched wildernesses remaining in our world today.  Even as a quite young child, my dream was to explore the most remote islands I could find on our globe.  The High Canadian Arctic – until lately – remained isolated islands, mostly inaccessible with their nearly year-round ice.  It was […]

Jim Klobuchar Presents: From Ginger Rogers, A Squeeze and a Promise

August 1, 2018


It is with pleasure and delight that I introduce you to a man of many talents: Jim Klobuchar – the daily columnist for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune for over 30 years (and probably the best-known name in the whole upper Midwest), named the nation’s top columnist in 1984, finalist in NASA’s Journalist in Space project (a […]

Joan Larsen’s Wild Adventures: Finding New Zealand’s Mt. Cook

July 25, 2018


By Joan Larsen   Can you imagine a country where the only roadblocks you encounter are beautiful sheep blocking the road?  Welcome then to New Zealand — with its two islands holding 3 million wonderful people . . . and 60 million sheep – a proud welcoming committee, actually posing for what looks to be […]

Joan Larsen: Dipping Our Toes into Summer – the Dream that is Canada’s Vancouver Island

July 18, 2018


by Joan Larsen   “Let the world go away” became our song this spring .  .  .  I am sure we all understand the feeling this year.  When summer arrived, we wanted to be “lost” in an idyllic destination that would feel as far from civilization as it possibly could.  And yet, yet, it could […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Tales From Alaska’s Edge – Walking With Grizzlies

July 11, 2018


By Joan Larsen As each of us look back on the good times — the getaways of life — there are a few that we find have lodged in our hearts.  They deserve, I believe, more than a backward look.  With a sweltering season in view this summer – the like of which we have […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Summer Journey to the Far North – Home to the Polar Bear

July 4, 2018


By Joan Larsen Already, our summer is breaking records for intensive heat in the United States. . . and our meteorologists are proudly stating that there will be more sweltering days and nights to come over the next two months. And so I am suggesting that it is not too late to book a simply beautiful journey by […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Pure Vacation Enchantment – Utah’s Red Rock Country

June 27, 2018


By Joan Larsen   Have you ever turned a single bend in a road, finding yourself so stunned by a scene of such beauty that you have felt a rush to your heart . . . or felt tears rolling down your cheeks? The threaded road with its unexpected curves and pull-offs – pull-offs where […]

Joan Larsen Travel: Searching for the World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

June 20, 2018


By Joan Larsen Over a lifetime of travel, I have always looked for those hidden wonders of nature – mostly so far off the beaten track that they are not known by most travelers.  Some of the most spectacular hidden treasures have been waterfalls that had to be flown into or hiked into in quite […]

Joan Larsen Presents: To Melt the Heart – First Photos of the Most Loveable Brown Bears Ever Filmed

June 13, 2018


By Joan Larsen Dedicated to my long-time friends and fellow explorers, Arthur and Mary Clark.  Arthur is a retired Air Force general, an aviator, and a veteran of World War II.  He has traveled extensively, much of it in Alaska, Siberia and the Arctic.     May I introduce you to Maria, the very becomingly […]

Joan Larsen Presents: Living Your Life With Passion – The Holstee Manifesto

June 6, 2018


By Joan Larsen   Each year in my home,we celebrate a day that is private only to us. This year it began in early morning. A long thin wrapped gift lay on the dining table. On top, the heavy cream-colored envelope said only “My Love”. The note paper was heavy. My husband obviously had spent […]

Joan Larsen’s Best Life-Changing Trip of 2018: The Rocky Mountaineer

May 30, 2018


By Joan Larsen The tantalizing call of “All aboard,” chimed by the conductor at Vancouver’s Pacific Central Station had us scurrying down the platform toward the sharply-uniformed train staff, waiting to warmly welcome us aboard “The Rocky Mountaineer”.   Yes, we have always heard about “Classic Rail Journeys” but not in my wildest dreams did I […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Falling in Love With Fallingwater, America’s Most Extraordinary Private Home

May 23, 2018


By Joan Larsen Can a person really fall in love with a house? I have. . . and I want to share my discovery with you. It seems almost like a fairy tale:   there once was a private home called Fallingwater, hidden in the forests of southwestern Pennsylvania, that even today I wish were mine. […]

Joan Larsen Presents: Tender Gifts From Birds – The Girl Who Gets Gifts From Crows

May 16, 2018


By Joan Larsen Most of us have a soft spot in our hearts for certain birds in the wild.  We are taken with those beautifully colored small birds with the nicely rounded bodies. If they pose close to our windows, somehow we feel blessed. However, I tend to find crows — crows black as coal […]

Joan Larsen’s Australia at its Best: Climbing New Heights: Finding Sydney

May 9, 2018


By Joan Larsen   How often do we get an opportunity to climb to the top of a bridge in the first place?  Now, how often do you get to climb a bridge that is the national icon of one of the larger countries in our world?  A bit afraid of heights?  So am I.  […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel Stories: A Toast With Chilean Red Wine

May 2, 2018


By Joan Larsen Get ready to fall in love with South America’s most wonderful country – CHILE! I feel like I have been carrying a secret for years now, keeping the most beautiful country in South America to myself.  Chile – how can I tell you?  I find it extraordinary – and so I find […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Living With Giraffes – An African Dream

April 25, 2018


By Joan Larsen I left Africa that first time, believing a journey into its wild places would be a one-time thing.  I was so wrong.  The animals – more than anything else – remained in my heart.  They called me back — in those unlikely moments when we stop,  looking back on life and the […]

Joan Larsen’s Southern California Dreaming – The Allures of Vacationing in Glorious San Diego

April 18, 2018


By Joan Larsen   Spring is definitely in the air . . . and, if you are like me, you avoid the packed highways of summer travel, knowing that a far less crowded season awaits either Spring or Fall– with all the hidden delights that California seems to pull out of its sleeve for the […]