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Joan Larsen’s Travel: Flying In – Celebrating Beatrix Potter’s 150th Anniversary in England’s Incomparable Lake District

April 27, 2016


By Joan Larsen   Is there anyone who has actually made it through childhood without falling in love with the tale of Peter Rabbit, the mischievous rabbit who almost gets put in a pie when he’s caught stealing vegetables from Mr. McGregor’s garden? Well, this year – 2016 – marks the year-long  anniversary of author […]

Dear Aggressively Hypersensitive Victims, Shaming Others Does Not Help Your Cause

April 25, 2016


I’m tired of aggressively hypersensitive victims acting as if the whole world has to stop and change the way they live, laugh, and relate. Saturday Night Live is not exactly known as a bastion of gentle humor.  It is crass and stupid and cutting and spot-on and hilarious and fun.  So, it should not have surprised […]

Joan Larsen Introduces Katrina Kenison: Expectations

April 20, 2016


It gives us so much pleasure to once again introduce the well-known author Katrina Kenison – who has set the bar so high with her latest book Magical Journey . . . in reflecting what others – well into their 50s as she is- are also experiencing.  We often keep these new thoughts to ourselves, wondering if we […]

Need a Place to Live in Idaho? Break In, Write Yourself a Lease, and The Homeowners Have to Accept It

April 18, 2016


This comes under the “we are a nation of idiots” category. I’m getting pretty tired of lawyers and courts failing to uphold common sense just because we don’t have a detailed, specific, nitpicky written law for every imaginable, conceivable, remotely possible thing that could ever arise. Imagine this:  you are a homeowner.  You do one […]

Alice Friedemann Goes South of the Border: The Magic of Oaxaca, Mexico

April 13, 2016


By Alice Friedemann I’ve wanted to go to Oaxaca, Mexico for over 40 years – ever since a college roommate came back from an archaeology dig with the most gorgeous rugs and carved wooden animals I’ve ever seen.  Flying in in the dead of winter this year, seeing this beautiful warm city with amazing native […]

Tax Time: Why So Complicated?

April 11, 2016


Tax preparation shouldn’t be a choice between paying a “professional” or losing a couple of days of your life every April. Most people grouse about the high cost of taxes (and how the government spends the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars).  Another big gripe, though, is how complicated they are. “Just use some software,” was the helpful […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: High Adventure in a Very Thin Country

April 6, 2016


By Joan Larsen As we enter mid-life and then a bit beyond, I believe we all look forward to what we want “the rest of our lives” to be.  Our children are on their own, vacation times are longer — but we want to make each moment count now.  Our own country is our “comfort zone” […]

Another Misleading Internet Meme

April 4, 2016


I’m getting tired of seeing certain Internet memes like this one making the rounds.  Golly, life is so hard and unfair these days.  A 40-hour-a-week job just doesn’t support us anymore.  You know what?  Life IS unfair, but this is not why.  This is something you can actually fix, if you want to.  Yes, there was […]