Ten More Turns: The Little Gold Watch

Posted on June 22, 2015


By Lauriate Roly

She probably played with this lovely watch many times.  Trying to set the time or trying to wind it so it would keep running, or watching to see that it is wound enough to keep running until to-morrow. How many times a day should it be wound, and how many turns of the crown each time?

Pocket-watchShe must have wondered – who owned it originally?  It must be a ladies’ watch because it is so tiny.  Only about one inch in diameter.. . like a brooch,  and pure gold.  It must have been expensive to buy and it must have been bought as a very special gift for someone very special.  A gift of true and undying love.

She looked after it so diligently.  She wasn’t certain where or when she got it.  Probably a gift left for her when he mother died. It was put away in a safe place, always well covered in a fancy and special handkerchief, and in her special drawer where all the most valuable things she owned were kept.

When we started going out together, one day as we became quietly serious and spoke about the things we most cherished and loved, she showed me this lovely little golden jewel.  It wasn’t going at the time, but I carefully and gently wound it to see if it would start – and it did!

We were both so delighted: as if we had performed a miracle and revived a beautiful thing back to life.  We watched it continue to pace out the seconds and minutes that passed.

I never saw that watch again after that day, except for once, sometime later.

The next year, we married.

During our happy lives together, she would go back to the special little wooden box in which she had placed the precious timeless treasures which she had collected in her life.  The lovely, beautifully varnished little wooden box contained only the few things she most cherished and kept since she was a little girl.  This was their special and protected place, carefully placed and securely safe in her bureau drawer.  These were her most treasured and embraced possessions.


One day, when she felt the need to reminisce, she found the little oaken box and persuaded me to join her in examining her long loved childhood treasures. The lovely little gold watch sat there amongst the other special members of the most favored collection, almost pleadingly asking one of us to give it a wind, to let it once again enjoy the pleasure of being alive and moving and being animated and part of the other things alive and well in the world.

We wound it carefully, ten turns, and it started and joyously continued running until next day.

She could see how I was so impressed and affected by what was happening. It was then that she decided the little beauty she loved so dearly, was to become her most sincere and loving gift to me.  From that moment on, I was the owner of the golden jewel she had so dearly and fervently loved and cared for since she was a little girl.

I was very aware of her attachment to this treasure and was reluctant to accept her gift,  but, she insisted, saying that it was one of the most important items she owned and that she would like to give to me, because she cared and loved me so much.

Of course, at that moment, I realized that I now was entrusted with a very special item that must be guarded and kept completely safe and secure because she so lovingly gave it to me to prove and cement our endless love for each other.

Even though now, I was the new owner, the watch remained in its little wooden box, in her bureau drawer.

Shortly after she died, I was looking through her personal possessions and came across the little gold watch.  I was crushed to realize how this little beauty could have such meaning to me.

I immediately picked it up most gently and lovingly.  I could know it wanted me to wind it.  Ten turns:  and it kept moving forward in time until the next day, when again, I gave it another ten turns.  It continued to happily move ahead and to this day, over one year without my darling, the ten turns a day has helped me feel that my love’s special gift to me remains there before me, keeping track of the seconds, and minutes and hours that we remain apart, still in love, until the winder no longer is there to provide ten more turns.