Plastic Surgery: The One Thing Men are Not Allowed to Ask For

Posted on March 2, 2015


They’ll let some guy have 100 operations to look like a Ken doll, but by God, don’t ask for a penis reduction, because that’s abnormal.


So The Daily Mail reports that a US teen has just had the world’s first penis reduction surgery. If you’re not real squeamish, or if you’re not a guy currently crossing his legs, clutching his manhood and squirming at the images that the phrase “penis reduction” must evoke, you can read the details here. The thing is, the teen’s – err, development was not natural; it was a deformity caused by vascular problems related to sickle cell anemia. At 10 inches in circumference, the kid was never, ever going to be able to have sex.

The operation was a success. Smiles all around. Yay for pioneering medicine! But then, a second prospective patient approached the surgeon requesting the same surgery. Oh, whoa, whoa, hold on now:

… “This [second] man seems to have a naturally large penis, because there’s nothing unusual in his medical history, so it doesn’t seem like there’s any real abnormality in this case.” …performing surgery on someone who is completely healthy but having difficulties with the size of his penis is another matter, said Dr Carrion. “These are controversial waters we’re stepping in,” he added. “Who is to judge what is a legitimate complaint and what isn’t? You don’t normally have men complaining about this kind of thing. These are very unique cases.”

Okay, coupla things here:

First, just because a man has a “naturally” large penis, and just because men don’t “normally” complain about over-endowment, does not exclude the possibility that some men are so abnormally huge that a lot of women take one look and run away screaming. Admittedly, I have not done a lot of research on this, but… here, from the 2015 movie “Trainwreck” (click with caution, it’s rated R):


Amy Schumer in Train Wreck:  “Oooh, no. It’s too big. Have you ever f***ed anyone before? Where are they buried?”

Ha ha! Hilarious.   But imagine being that guy. Imagine hearing this practically any time you want to get intimate. Imagine this ending relationships that you might have actually cared about. Imagine it ending your marriage.  And then imagine a doctor telling you that your request for a reduction is “another matter” because your size was not a result of disease, and besides, what man ever wants a reduction? Aren’t men always looking for ways to make it bigger? “See here, young man, plenty of other men can only wish for what you have, so stop whining,” or some such thing.

In answer to Dr. Carrion’s question on who is to judge the legitimacy of complaints: I’d say the patient, who is stuck with his condition… whether caused by disease or simply a natural-but-freakish occurrence… is a pretty good start. For God’s sake, women today are more and more often having cosmetic surgery on their vulvas just because they don’t like the look of them, and few people seriously question it. Boob jobs – both implants and reductions – are so common that parents buy them as graduation gifts for their insecure daughters, rather than teaching them to be self-confident from within. We have elective surgeries on just about everything these days: face lifts, tummy tucks, pectoral implants for the guys. They’ll let some guy have 100 operations to look like a Ken doll, but by God, don’t ask for a penis reduction, because that’s abnormal.

The irony is, there’s plenty of surgical work being done to give men greater functionality “down there,” to enhance their sex lives. It is seen as a very important part of life, even a little ridiculously over-important. So why is it so hard to believe that an overly-endowed but otherwise healthy man might want a reduction to enhance his sex life… or possibly even just to have a sex life?