Joan Larsen: Let’s Run Away – Three Beautiful Places to Get Lost

Posted on February 4, 2015


By Joan Larsen


Let’s be honest here. It’s February – hearts and flowers time – and a reminder that the familiar theme –telling us that “love is in the air” –may well be bypassing us big time. Sure. . . if we are lucky, we have LOVE in our lives. But again, let’s be honest here: hasn’t it gone a bit flat and stale ??

It’s not our fault. For all of us, LIFE – in all of its facets – intervenes. The dream world we each had once envisioned – the love affair to remember – becomes bogged down with everyday living and its surprises around every corner.

But – if not tended to as a top priority – our forever love tends to, well, drift away, wisps at a time. We can’t have that. Regrets later are just not fun at all.

We all need escapes. . . and even in our world this year when finances loom large as a concern for most, there are “small hotels “ and something called “long weekends away” that should be doable for just about all couples. Plan for it if you must, but truly, it is time for you two to get lost somewhere . . . coming back with a new focus, a new lease on life, and far more important: SMILES over the hidden delights that have lifted your love to new levels. Your dream world has returned.

For those of you who certainly can foresee a getaway that lasts at least a single week — a getaway that does not involve too much travel in getting there, a vast choice of affordable accommodations, unbelievable dining possibilities, some of the most beautiful scenery in our world, as well asa virtual guarantee of romance – I will share with you my own favorite places to get totally lost in.

We are told that we only go around once. And so we must begin this year to live life to the fullest, collecting the” forever” memories along the way.

Any one of these dream places to get lost in will get you up and running:

In California, below, you will find my all-time favorite getaway that we return to every year. Its beauty stuns the senses, it has far-reaching choices of wonderful dining and amazing accommodations, and there are the unique and novel ways that you seem to allow you to drift through your days either shopping or exploring hidden places. Last – but definitely not least, I find it the best place in the world for “afternoon delights”. April and October I find to be the best months, but when you are in Carmel – well, there is no bad time!!! It is heaven.






A hop and a skip from Phoenix and Scottsdale, you will come across this stunningly beautiful, almost hidden place of wild beauty that offers absolutely all the pleasures and delights of life . . . but there is a marvelous feeling of seclusion whenever you wish it, as well. A dream!






As easy to get to as any destination in the western U.S., the Canadian Rockies remain one of the most outstanding places to see in the whole world. Every sort of recreational activity seems to be offered, allowing you to be on the go if you choose. The food is to kill for, the restaurants charming, the hotels and inns are tucked into the mountain scenery, and life goes on far into the evenings – well, unless you have other dreams in mind!




Copyright Ron Niebrugge

Copyright Ron Niebrugge


*       *       *

These are the shapes of a perfect world. Would that we didn’t have

live so close to reality.

Dance even when you are sad; love even when times are hard.

Seek out those who share kindly,

And be compassionate, be hopeful.

A new year is upon us.


Copyright Jeff VanEchaute

Copyright Jeff VanEchaute


JoanAvatarWriter Joan Larsen has spent a lifetime searching for the most remote places on Earth.  But it is the polar regions of our world that she has been drawn back to again and again.  She has done research in these lands of ice, and considers Antarctica to be her “other home.”