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Top 20 Film Performances of 2014

February 27, 2015


By Luther Elmo As promised on Monday, here are the top 20 performances in film for 2014. Like the films themselves, there was a very strong lot from which to select, but unsurprisingly, most of these were drawn from films that I highlighted previously (proving that in most cases, it’s the characters we respond to, […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: A Landscape of Superlatives – A First Look at Yosemite

February 25, 2015


by Joan Larsen Only a morning’s drive from San Francisco lies one of the world’s truly great wilderness areas – a place of plunging waterfalls, snow-capped lakes, stark stone cliffs of stunning beauty, and a natural cathedral of ancient Sequoia trees that are among the largest on Earth. Its name: Yosemite National Park, its beauty […]

The Top 20 Films of 2014

February 23, 2015


By Luther Elmo   Once a year at Oscar time, I compile my own list for the best films of the previous year. I used to just pick from within the group that had actually received Oscar nominations; however, it soon became apparent that the Academy did not necessarily reward nominations based solely on achievement […]

Welcome to the Plutocracy: S**t Flows Downhill, and You are on the Bottom

February 20, 2015


Rude little rich boy Conrad Hilton is an overgrown spoiled brat, but he may have been on to something by referring to everyone on BA Flight 269 as “peasants.” Wake up and smell the plutocracy! Americans like to think we are all equal under the law, that we all have equal opportunities, that we all […]

Joan Larsen Presents: Winter Rescue – Luckiest Moose in the World

February 18, 2015


By Joan Larsen It is a frozen winter in the higher altitudes of our world. From the vantage point of a helicopter, flying over the frozen taiga of northern Russia, the three passengers only saw below what was ice and snow. But then – then – one man spotted an animal struggling – a large […]

Getting Pretty Tired of Extremist Violence in Europe

February 16, 2015


Don’t like the local culture? Peacefully use democratic mechanisms in place, or LEAVE. Your hurt feelings don’t justify murder and mayhem.   Decades ago, when I was in college, we had a European student in our class.   He didn’t seem to have much good to say about America; there was always some pointed observation criticizing […]


February 13, 2015


It’s a mouthful for sure, this fear of Friday the 13th.  And it can be serious business, at least for those so affected by it that it disrupts their lives, or for those who provide the treatments for this phobia, whether that is serious psychological counseling or more lighthearted programs designed to help people reason […]

A Valentine From Joan Larsen: Love Letters

February 11, 2015


By Joan Larsen Now, all but past the middle age of life, I still remain a total romantic.  I don’t expect to ever get past that phase.  .  . and I often wonder how many others feel the same way.  I feel a life without love is no life at all.  And, as the years […]

10-4, Driver: CB Radios Still Have Their Uses

February 9, 2015


Many years ago, when cell phones were still as big as your head and probably cost as much as your car, my husband and I were reassigned from one coast of the US to the other coast.  We decided to drive our two vehicles in our own mini-convoy, and bought two CB radios for this […]

Animal Altruism is Real, and So is Their Appreciation

February 6, 2015


Anyone who doubts that animals can have sympathetic, altruistic emotions need look no farther than these videos. In the news last month, I ran across a video from the Taipei Zoo, showing a tortoise very deliberately and methodically bumping an upside-down, stranded tortoise until the stranded one is back on his feet. Yay! Smiles and […]

Joan Larsen: Let’s Run Away – Three Beautiful Places to Get Lost

February 4, 2015


By Joan Larsen Let’s be honest here. It’s February – hearts and flowers time – and a reminder that the familiar theme –telling us that “love is in the air” –may well be bypassing us big time. Sure. . . if we are lucky, we have LOVE in our lives. But again, let’s be honest […]

And the Award for Stupidest Attempt at School Discipline Goes to… Gustine, Texas

February 2, 2015


Imagine how frustrating and infuriating it must be for a small-town elementary- school administrator to repeatedly find human poop on the gym floor. The horror! The horror! Something must be done! A culprit must be caught! …even at the expense of all decency and common sense. Lila’s solution would have been to just set up […]