Oh. Not Again.

Posted on November 3, 2014


By Lauriate Roly


It’s so dark; so early. Was I supposed to set my clock back an hour last night?

I used to love the dark, on Berri Street.  I used to feel so comfortable and sure about myself in the advancing darkness and waiting for the streetlights to go on.  Also, I loved that time of obligatory darkness, mainly because I loved the clothes my Mom told me I must start wearing because all the kids in my class, (in my school!!), were changing over to their “fall” clothes, again;  because it was “The Fall”- it would get dark early,  and that meant: warm clothes time –  again.

I really didn’t mind.

In fact, I was delighted because the reinstated wardrobe meant that from now on into next St. Patrick’s, the kids in my class, with skinny little knees, would be covered and thus, warm.  The new clothes covered more of us and were made of much warmer materials.  We – my fellow classmates, and I, most of us, wore short pants from St. Patrick’s day until Labor Day and there were days in between when besides the temperatures, our scraped tender skin and knobby bones suffered from all kinds of unexpected summer involvement.   Insect bites, body scrapes, bonfire or BBQ burns, –  or just plain sunburn.  We were out all day long, and hardly ever in the shade.

So, summer wardrobes were mostly comfortable and comforting, not only easy wearing but also very comfortably wearable for the lovely summer day’s temperatures.

Suddenly:  Labor Day:  and the almost- torture from those expectedly unfriendly and horrible days, prelude to the forthcoming days, yet  to be suffered soon after Labor Day.

Lord, how I hated those approaching days of winter.

However, much as I detested the thoughts of winter,  I remember how exalted and spirited I was when in those gorgeous early days of September, leaving school at noon time, heading home to the lovely warm lunch my marvelous (and beautiful) mother would have ready and waiting for me and little brother and plump little sister. Gosh,  summer wasn’t so bad. ..  summer digs were good:   salads and tomato sandwiches with lots of lettuce and mayonnaise – but now – – –

Suddenly !!  Halloween appeared.


Then, our autumn school days meant soups, and crackers with lots of butter.  Very easy for all of us to  live with that menu change.

I love Halloween.  I love dress up.  It was the greatest time for me, because it was the chance to again wear favored old clothes from my past which I used to love wearing, or those worn by my ancestors  at some time or another. However we were limited to wearing clothes from only so far in the  past. Not stuff we wore in the recent past;  because Mom didn’t want anyone reminded of clothes seen rather recently.   She didn’t want people thinking that her kids ever appeared looking like she couldn’t afford them appearing in new duds, especially on the first day of the new school season.  She was strict about it  (I noticed though, that sometimes she wore clothes I had seen her wear from the previous season?? – must have been tough for her, but she managed to make herself as newly dressed up).

For us kids, because as I said, she was strict about it, it was a new session of “dress up” for every new school season –  which I loved.   Nice new trousers, new shirts, maybe new shoes – – –  and of course  new undy shorts and tops, and lovely new and  comfortably stiff socks.  Just where she found the funds to buy all this new stuff for her three kids remains a mystery to me.  But, she did it.  Every year, after every new school year we were dressed like two little princes, plus a little plump princess, (who grew up to be a beauty queen) . . . and my Mom,  well, she was a wonder.   Mom was incredible.

Getting back to resetting our watches and clocks, we should all appreciate the extra hour sleep.  Not so for me.  My metabolism remains unchanged but only because I’m affected by light.  Once the very early daylight hits my closed sleeping eyelids, I awaken.  There’s isn’t any condition that may happen in my daily life that can change that – but when the clock-time changes in my favor, I sure am grateful for that extra hour of shut-eye, which I try to get through brightly half-opened pupils.

I hope all of you can enjoy that luxury of an extra hour of rest.

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Dans Le Lit (1893)

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Dans Le Lit (1893)

Born in Montreal, Lauriate is bilingual; his mother a Geordie from Newcastle on Tyne, his father a French Canadian Quebecer. Lauriate has traveled widely and has lived in Europe. His involvements are primarily of a creative nature focused on Music, Graphic and Literary Arts in the communications fields of Advertising and phases of the Entertainment business through television and film production.