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Is There Really Such a Thing as the Evil Twin?

September 29, 2014


Lila has known several sets of twins over the years. Last weekend, I had occasion to renew the acquaintance of a set I have known for several decades now. Nothing has changed: one twin is kindhearted and thoughtful, and the other is… well… kind of a jerk. How could twins be so different from each […]

Another Lila-Pause

September 26, 2014


All, alas, I must take another break today for meetings with realtors and photographers and brokers, oh my!   Or maybe just the photographers, who will hopefully capture all the charm of Lila’s old home, which now eagerly awaits a new occupant!   The past week or so has been a whirlwind of painting and […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Pure Fall Enchantment – Utah’s Red Rock Country

September 24, 2014


By Joan Larsen   Have you ever turned a single bend in a road, finding yourself so stunned by a scene of such beauty that you have felt a rush to your heart . . . or felt tears rolling down your cheeks? The threaded road with its unexpected curves and pull-offs – pull-offs where […]

Time to Make Scientific Education Standards a Priority… Starting with Us

September 22, 2014


Our huge, inter-connected population and the globalization of economies means that today, intelligence without education is outright harmful.   The human mind looks for patterns, and in the absence of education or scientific thought processes, the mind will see patterns and meanings that just aren’t there. Conversely, without education, the mind grasps little of what […]

Hostage Rescue Operations: Not So Simple

September 19, 2014


Obama’s detractors would have us all think that one need only snap one’s fingers and tell the military to just go rescue the hostages, and it’ll be done. In reality, hostage rescues are notoriously difficult and dangerous, and often get the hostages killed.   I haven’t seen this complaint from any credible news organization, but […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Deep In Australia’s Jungles – Learning to Love a Frilled Dragon

September 17, 2014


By Joan Larsen Still young and very adventurous on our first month-long journey to Australia – travelling on unpaved dusty roads to be one of the first to discover the wild places of the country’s Top End – had been dreamed about for years. It was a bit more rugged than we had been told […]

Bridge the Divide Between Young and Old: Write a Book For Your Family

September 15, 2014


It never fails that at family reunions, the “old folks” are sitting around reminiscing about grade school and about people that the younger folks have never even heard of, much less met, and maybe the time that old Fred turned the school bus over in that ditch down by Carl’s place. The young think it’s […]

The Ray Rice Assault Case: Can A Man Be Separated From His Actions?

September 12, 2014


Just like in the Steubenville rape case, a hometown leaps to the defense of their native son who has committed an egregious offense. I don’t approve, but I do sort of understand where the NFL is coming from on the Ray Rice case. There’s a lot of money in professional sports, and if your athletes […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: California Dreaming – The Allure of La Jolla

September 10, 2014


By Joan Larsen   Fall is definitely in the air . . . and, if you are like me, you wait out the packed highways of summer travel, knowing that a far less crowded season awaits– with all the hidden delights that California seems to pull out of its sleeve for the visitor “in the […]

In Defense of Dictators… and Stability

September 8, 2014


The US has a history of embracing a lot of not-so-benevolent dictators.  We also are swiftly establishing a history of promoting “regime change” with visions of democracy dancing in our heads, but what emerges instead is all too often a dangerous brand of Islamic extremism.   Back in the 1970s and at the height of […]

Safety Tip From Lila’s Dad: Drive Like You Know Where You Are… Even When You Don’t

September 5, 2014


Lila has had the misfortune to live in one of the nation’s worst-rated cities when it comes to traffic. The traffic gurus define this as congestion and length of commutes. I would like to add to that: the sheer density of clueless drivers, who seem completely incompetent to maintain a steady speed or even to […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Cavorting With Hippos in Botswana

September 3, 2014


By Joan Larsen By the time our very small plane had landed on a remote airstrip in the African country of Botswana, I felt I had researched every bird and animal we even had a sliver of a chance of seeing. However, it always seemed that the zoo hippos, heads peeking out of water, had […]

No, We Are NOT All Getting Taller or Growing Bigger Feet

September 1, 2014


Hey manufacturers: remember that there are plenty of us still around who haven’t grown much in the last several decades. Lila is a mere five feet tall with size 5 feet, a situation that has not changed since… oh, probably about age 13 or so. So when headlines trumpet that we are getting taller, or […]