Joan Larsen Presents: Living Your Life With Passion – The Holstee Manifesto

Posted on July 16, 2014


By Joan Larsen


Each year in my home,we celebrate a day that is private only to us. This year it began in early morning. A long thin wrapped gift lay on the dining table. On top, the heavy cream-colored envelope said only “My Love”. The note paper was heavy. My husband obviously had spent considerable time making his handwriting beautiful, befitting the special paper.


My forever love,

 I believe I have found something for you – for us – that pays special homage to living every day of our lives with passion. The words could have been written by you, by us together, for they are what we believe.

While so many others have been racing through life – forgetting about enjoying each day – the words on the framed poster within seem to reflect the reasons why our own love has always seemed so fresh and our lives so joyful.

I think when we glance at it on our own wall, we will always be able to reflect on the small pieces of our lives written there. . . and why our love has always been the forever kind.

My love always…


The poster is called HOLSTEE MANIFESTO, and in only 5 years it has been bought by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. . . and read by 60 million people online.


You may find yourself rethinking the thoughts printed on this poster days later. Frankly, it could change your thinking and your life if you follow its tenets.

The full story of the three men who sat on a stoop talking, finding themselves putting their own thoughts together to make this poster is a story worth reading. You will find the tale on the Holstee website (which is quite beautiful as well). Wander around on its blog as there is some more food for thought there — as well as some very good writing.

The YouTube video has gone viral. . . and I consider it a “must view” as well – a new fitting ending to the poster itself.

But – one last thing. I ran across the most unusual YouTube short video of the Holstee printing process, using very old printing presses and real workmen who pride themselves in fine work. Reminders of fine workmanship of the past, I found, brought back fond memories of another far more beautiful time. I believe you too will find it to be so.


The purpose of life is to live it, to live life to the utmost, to reach out

eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.


–         Eleanor Roosevelt


JoanAvatarWriter Joan Larsen has spent a lifetime searching for the most remote places on Earth.  But it is the polar regions of our world that she has been drawn back to again and again.  She has done research in these lands of ice, and considers Antarctica to be her “other home.”