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The Other Reason Girls are Hypersexualized

June 30, 2014


Do we continue to foster a culture that insidiously discourages females from doing much of anything else? Women’s-lib veterans must be SO disappointed.   As we have lamented before, it seems like girls these days are too wrapped up in their physical appearance, that they put so much of their self-worth in things like boobs […]

Myopia Doesn’t Actually Fix Climate Change

June 27, 2014


Oddly enough, re-writing unpopular forecasts has little impact on global weather patterns.   As The Washington Post reports, several years ago residents of North Carolina’s Outer Banks – which amount to little more than a giant sandbar – were warned that by the end of this century, ocean levels would rise some 39 inches and […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: The Seychelles – A Corner of Paradise

June 25, 2014


By Joan Larsen Marooned in the middle of the Indian Ocean lies an almost unknown archipelago of 115 islands – the Seychelles – that have a pristine, tropical beauty that made me feel that our small ship had drifted into a dream world. As a child, literature had called it “as close to the Garden […]

How Can Atheists be “Offended” By the Ground Zero Cross?

June 23, 2014


Because some atheists are zealots… yes, just like religious zealots. I think we all know by now that Lila is a bona fide agnostic, doesn’t pray, and loathes attending church (although she will grit her teeth and attend to support friends at key moments like weddings, memorials, and the like). If you want to torture […]

A Lila-Pause

June 20, 2014


My more alert readers (more alert than I, to be sure), may have noticed my tardiness this Friday. Lila has been moving furniture all day in 95-degree heat (ah, yes, that is a story in itself), leaving her presently in a form very similar to a limp dishrag. Time for a Lila-Pause! Which reminds me:  […]


June 19, 2014


By Henry Louis Gates Jr. “The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between […]

Joan Larsen Encore: Tales From the Edge – Walking With Grizzlies

June 18, 2014


By Joan Larsen A very large grizzly bear, standing in the water, greeted us as our tiny float plane  landed on the calm waters of Naknek Lake and coasted toward the shore of Katmai National Park in Alaska.  Snapping pictures like mad from the windows, we watched him lumber off to tell his friends that […]

The Arrogance of Prayer

June 16, 2014


Prayer makes me extremely uncomfortable.  It is at best simply superstitious words lost in an empty wind, but at worst… at worst it is a never-ending stream of presumptuous personal demands made to a Being whose power and whose nature is far beyond our imagining, much less our understanding.   It’s no secret that I […]

Dear Girls: Boys are Not Neutered Ken Dolls, and Yes, That’s Why Dress Codes are Smart

June 13, 2014


Women seem to have unfair and unrealistic expectations that men should be a bunch of neutered Ken dolls until – and only until – we want them to be otherwise.   With warmer weather, there have been a few incidents of schoolgirls being disciplined for violating school dress codes. The girls, often backed by their […]

Joan Larsen Encore: Abandon Ship! The Sinking of My Ship in Antarctica

June 11, 2014


by Joan Larsen As we approach midlife, I think most of us have to acknowledge that life itself has given us endless surprises, large and small . . .  surprises we had never dreamed of.  Vacations of any sort usually seem equated with pleasant “escapes”.  And for most, some of their happiest moments have been […]

Duchess Kate’s Bare Bum: She Should Be “Furious” With Herself, Not the Tabloids

June 9, 2014


Kate, honey, you have some great legs and a really toned ass, but you are the future Queen of England, not some tawdry tart, so the rest of us need not be privy to your privates. Please stop behaving like Marilyn Monroe on a subway grate, and get your clothing under control. So Kate is […]

Bowe Bergdahl Should Face Court-Martial

June 6, 2014


I served a full career in the military. I have been deployed to war zones. I have served in the Pentagon. I have lost friends to this “Global War on Terror.” So yeah, I definitely have an opinion on this one. As it happens, I never much approved of our policies post-9/11. I viewed the […]

Joan Larsen Encore: Flying Low and Slow Over Sedona

June 4, 2014


An Arizona landscape to take your breath away By Joan Larsen There are some places in our world that take our breath away in ways unexplainable – but we find their visual beauty forever lodged in our hearts.  And so it is with the town of Sedona, with its red rock canyons and sunsets so […]

Elliot Rodger’s Frustration: Should We Teach Awkward Kids How NOT to Socialize?

June 2, 2014


Painful and embarrassing as it would be, kindly telling a socially inept person exactly and specifically what they are doing to drive people away might just change their lives.   As the fallout continues to settle after Elliot Rodger’s Santa Barbara rampage, one aspect of the case stands out, an aspect that we have seen […]