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Swim Season Safety: Know What A Drowning Person Really Looks Like

May 30, 2014


More than half of Americans cannot swim adequately, and most of us can’t recognize a drowning person right in front of us. Ah, yes. The pools and beaches are open again. For the past couple of seasons around this time of year, I have vainly attempted to educate the public about the horrors of the […]

Joan Larsen Encore: Hidden Wild Africa at its Best – Climbing the Dune

May 28, 2014


By Joan Larsen We all eventually find that there are those solitary moments in life when it is quiet.  Often, it is then that we look back on what we think of as the “highs” of life.  You know:  the times when we have gone far beyond our own doorsteps and discovered worlds — worlds […]

The Santa Barbara Rampage: Guns Were Not the Problem

May 26, 2014


A desperately unhappy and angry young man goes on a deadly rampage using a knife, his car, and guns as his weapons. But we’ll only agonize over the guns… not the car, not the knife, and not the man. A very lonely and unhappy Elliot Rodger, angry at years of perceived slights, jealous of others’ […]

Feeding the World: Veggies Alone are NOT the Answer

May 23, 2014


Instead of figuring out how to feed nine billion people in 2050, we should be figuring out how to not have nine billion in the first place. L.V.Anderson, writing for Slate magazine, conducts a sort of thought experiment: what if the whole world became vegetarian or vegan? What would this mean for the environment, for […]

Joan Larsen Encore: A Near Tragedy in the Austrian Tyrol

May 21, 2014


By Joan Larsen I believe the story below should resonate with all of us who have children of our own.  We love our children beyond words, doing our own best to be sure that we, as parents, have done all we can – in the most caring way.  Now, our children in their early teens have already made […]

Huge Star Wars Fan Conflicted About the New Episode VII Movie

May 19, 2014


I was in my teens, and a friend breathlessly asked: “Lila! Have you seen Star Wars yet?” I had not seen it. I had not even heard of it. What the heck was Star Wars? “You have got to see it, you’ll love it!” Eh, whatever, if you say so. So we settle into the […]

More Evidence that Many “ADHD Sufferers” are Just Unmindful

May 16, 2014


Yep, I said it. I have always strongly suspected that ADHD is a vastly over-diagnosed disorder thanks to the demands of harried parents, exasperated teachers, and a medical business culture that incentivizes prescriptions and treatments. Don’t get me wrong. I am certain that there is a very small minority out there who actually have empirically […]

Joan Larsen Encore: Reaching for Heaven on Angel’s Landing

May 14, 2014


By Joan Larsen The scariest climb It is no secret to my friends that I absolutely live for adventure…  so yes, over the years I have done more than my share of climbing to the heights in so many places in the world.  “But what was the most difficult, the most scary, the most life-threatening […]

Goodbye, Coldwater Creek

May 12, 2014


Coldwater Creek used to be a favorite. Then it wasn’t. Now it’s bankrupt. Alas, Coldwater Creek was, for a time, one of the few retailers that Lila could depend on for consistent petite sizing… but that all changed, and now they are in the final throes of bankruptcy. Well, it couldn’t last. Over the past […]

Why Are Our 30s the Best Years of Our Lives?

May 9, 2014


I think it all comes down to the assumption that at that age, you are assumed to be worthy of respect. Catherine Rampell, 29 years old and writing for the Washington Post, ponders a somewhat non-scientific survey of centenarians and 65-year-olds. Both groups were asked which stage of their lives they recalled most fondly; the […]

Joan Larsen Encore: Life and Near Death – On the Edge in Patagonia

May 7, 2014


By Joan Larsen Death.  If we are to be honest, passing that midway point in our years, the subject of dying, of death, drifts into our thoughts a bit more often than we might wish.  Before this time – well – we felt pretty invincible, didn’t we?  Many of us took chances — often more than a little bit […]

The VA Secret Backlog Shows A Lack of Moral Courage

May 5, 2014


I’m not angry with the VA for long delays, but I cannot forgive their lack of honesty and courage… and that lack of honesty and courage is killing veterans. When a leader is told, “There is no possible way we can do all this,” there are many ways to react. Can we request a bigger […]

The Gritmobile: My Dad’s Toyota SR-5 Turns to Treasure

May 2, 2014


Keep something around long enough, and magic can happen. Way back in 1983, my sixty-something-year-old Dad casually announced that he would be trading in his somewhat plain gray sedan and getting, for the first and only time in his life, a pickup truck. “Whatever for?” I wondered. “I just like it. Something different,” said Dad. […]