Lauriate Roly’s Valentine Challenge: Love Songs

Posted on February 14, 2014


By Lauriate Roly

Some time ago, reaction to my Pick-Me-Up article featuring the lovely and inspiring song lyrics, “On A Clear Day,” by one of our best song lyricists, prompted me to assemble a group of some other remarkable and memorable phrases in love songs.

If you’re a romantic like people say I am, and if beautiful lyrics from beautiful songs mean anything to you, maybe you will enjoy this little romantic quiz I have prepared for you.

Here are a number of lovely lyrical phrases from songs I particularly love. Words that once heard, stayed with me from the very first time I heard them, and where they will remain as long as I live. I am sure you have probably sung some of these to yourselves at some time or other. Maybe you sang them on a stage, if you are a performer. In any case, I would bet that certain phrases from many of our favorite songs have remained in your hearts, because at the time you noticed them, the words were meaningful, and struck home, to find a way into your memory.

Part One is the challenge:  guess the name of the song these beautiful and meaningful lines came from.

The answers are in Part Two – – – and don’t peek until you have satisfied your guesses.

Part One.

1. I want my arms about you –

2. Don’t you know little fool –

3. A kiss is still a kiss –

4. And then she placed them in a bower –

5. Did you ever have a dream thrill you, with “will you be mine” –

6. You’re a Bendel bonnet, A Shakespeare’s sonnet, You’re Mickey Mouse –

7. There are arms that will welcome me in. There are lips I am burning to kiss –

8. Each little rose, tells me it knows, I love you, love you. –

9. That this heart of mine embraces –

10. But I miss you most of all, my darling –

11. Elle avait des tout petits tétons. –

12. Where have you gone without me. I thought you cared about me. –

13. No matter what price is paid, What stars may fade above –




Part Two.  Click the song title to hear the song on YouTube!

1. Dancing Cheek To Cheek

2. I’ve Got You Under My Skin

3. As Time Goes By

4. Sweet Leilani

5. Did You Ever See A Dream Walking

6. You’re The Top

7. Little Grey Home In The West

8. Louise

9. I’ll Be Seeing You

10. Autumn Leaves

11. Valentine

12. Where Are You

13. I’ll follow My Secret Heart


They’re all lovely songs, aren’t they?

I bet you got most of them right? NO? – Maybe not “Valentine”?
Lauriate   (with a song in my heart).

Born in Montreal, Lauriate is bilingual; his mother a Geordie from Newcastle on Tyne, his father a French Canadian Quebecer. Lauriate has traveled widely and has lived in Europe. His involvements are primarily of a creative nature focused on Music, Graphic and Literary Arts in the communications fields of Advertising and phases of the Entertainment business through television and film production.