Joan Larsen Presents: Fleming, Ian Fleming – the Man Who Would be Bond

Posted on February 3, 2014


by Joan Larsen

Dominic Cooper as Ian Fleming in BBC's miniseries

Dominic Cooper as Ian Fleming in BBC’s miniseries

“Bond, James Bond”.  No matter what generation we are, just hearing those words and most of us could be found running to the theaters for another in the exciting – and more than a little sexy – series of Bond movies.

But the great BBC America – with its 4-part mini-series about the war years of James Bond’s creator – is shaking us out of our winter doldrums.

The filming of BBC's "Fleming: the Man Who Would be Bond."

The filming of BBC’s “Fleming: the Man Who Would be Bond.”

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond is, of course, Bond’s creator Ian Fleming – a man who liked fast cars, fine living, even faster women,  custom made cigarettes, and those martinis – “shaken, not stirred”.

“Everything I write has a precedent in truth”, Fleming has said.  And while the script is understandably massaged a bit, actor Dominic Cooper ably stars as the man himself, infusing his role with just the right combination of dashing dilettante and aristocrat – a man who definitely has more than his share of mommy issues, as well as being called “London’s worst stockbroker”.  But he balances that with more than his share of luck with the ladies.  Much more.


Fleming initially takes up with a well-born sweetheart named Mu, but the woman who really steals the series is actress Lara Pulver, playing a married woman who is already having an affair with another man – well, until Fleming comes along.  Words like “steamy”, “smoldering” –   with cruelty mixed in – come to mind for their boudoir-filled scenes that, well, are quite memorable.

Ian Fleming’s work with British Naval Intelligence and the mischief  he incurs with the Axis powers – the shootouts, the trick pens, and the other Bond regalia we have come to expect in the movies –makes it evident that he would be a master at making 007 come to life in his books and movies.

The real Ian Fleming.

The real Ian Fleming.

Fleming, the author, has entertained us for almost half a century, but finally we are introduced to the (almost) real-life James Bond in a real sense.  Ian Fleming was quite a man!!!!!

I believe you will find this series very very watchable!!!

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