Note From Lila

Posted on November 5, 2013


All, Lila and Hubby have embarked upon an adventure / dream / ordeal / disaster, depending on how it actually turns out.  We will only do this once.  We will learn a lot, but we will never be experts.  And we will have to live with the result for a long, long time.

I speak of our once-in-a-lifetime homebuilding experience.  Last week, after much planning, preparation, searching high and low, and really examining what we wanted for our permanent home… we held our breath, squeezed our eyes shut, scrawled our names on a contract with a builder, then opened our eyes again to find that the world had not ended (yet).

You may have guessed that there is some trepidation involved.  I have been accused in the past of having “negative fantasies,” which is true enough, but what can I say?  Huge commitments are exciting, but, well, kind of scary.  But we have done a lot of homework for a long, long time.  SO long, that Lila’s friends have been pestering her for years (yes, YEARS) for non-existent progress reports.  I’m sure they thought (correctly) that we are just big ol’ cowards afraid of commitment.  When I shared the news with one friend the other day, her response was:  “It’s about time!”

So…  for the foreseeable future, we will be embroiled with inspections, and decisions, and this and that.  Meanwhile… I hope you will bear with me, because I fear that in order to focus on the housebuilding and ensure that it turns out to be an adventure / dream rather than an ordeal/disaster, I will have to cut my publication back to Monday-Wednesday-Friday, instead of my habitual five days a week.  In spite of that, I hope you will still tune in for discussion and commentary!

Many, many thanks go out to Joan Larsen for her Wednesday columns, which are always the most popular, anyway!

Hopefully this won’t be Lila’s homebuilding experience….