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Joan Larsen’s Thanksgiving at the Lake House: My Thoughts the Day After

November 29, 2013


By Joan Larsen You have caught me lounging  . . . not planning to get up anytime soon. Outside, out that big window, I can almost watch the ice, no longer near the shore, creeping onto the main body of the lake. Flocks of geese, perhaps the last of them, vie for places in what […]

Health News You Can Use: Cheap Alzheimer’s Prevention?

November 29, 2013


Check out this article in the Vancouver Sun by Dr. Patrick McGeer:  “Government should support clinical trials to learn if ibuprofen can prevent Alzheimer’s.”  The thrust:  the Kinsmen Laboratory of Neurological Research at the University of British Columbia — of which Dr. McGeer is the director — has observed that a) the beta-amyloid brain plaques […]

George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

November 28, 2013


All, Happy Thanksgiving.  Joan Larsen forwarded this to me, and it seemed appropriate to the occasion… and very, very applicable to us today, perhaps even more than to the Americans of Washington’s era. For reading and reflection: Thanksgiving Proclamation President George Washington City of New York, October 3, 1789 Whereas it is the duty of […]

Joan Larsen Presents: Thanksgiving at the Lake House

November 27, 2013


It’s Thanksgiving at the Lake House and the gathering of family is always equated to love overflowing and the feeling of closeness . . .   A warm welcome to our family Thanksgiving!!       The greatest fun is coming early and working together to make decorations for the house   As the children […]

Mark and the Deer

November 25, 2013


How a dead deer brought up memories of a friend As I have written before, we live in one of the few quasi-rural areas left in the DC vicinity.  We get a lot of wildlife in close quarters here – foxes, groundhogs, possums, raccoons, deer – and I think we see them so often because […]

Your Health: Should You Take Pills “Just in Case?”

November 22, 2013


So apparently, the number of US patients taking statins (drugs aimed at reducing cholesterol and preventing heart attack or stroke) is about to potentially double, thanks to some new guidelines from the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiologists.  Melissa Healy’s article in the Los Angeles Times explains:  in a nutshell, the old […]

Joan Larsen Presents: An Island is Born

November 20, 2013


By Joan Larsen The ocean off Iceland was fairly calm fifty years ago when a fishing boat spotted fire in the distance.  In this empty ocean, it would have to have been another fishing boat burning to cause such color in the skies.  The crew sped toward the scene, only to see a volcano arising […]

Dear Fag Waiters, Jesus Told Me Not to Pay You for Your Work [UPDATED]

November 18, 2013


Self-described “Christians” judge you, find you wanting, and steal your labor.  Jesus would be so pleased. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a full-blown trend:  it seems to have become increasingly fashionable among “Christians” to offer judgmental pronouncements scrawled on restaurant receipts in place of tips to the wait staff. In October, this tip was received […]

Child Discipline: NOT One-Size-Fits-All

November 15, 2013


Time for Ivory Tower academicians to butt out With every passing year, changes in the way Americans parent, and the way US kids grow up, only makes me even MORE glad that I never had children.  The latest: child discipline is back in the news, and frankly, I don’t know what’s left for parents to […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Eye Candy – Unbelievable Waterfalls!

November 13, 2013


By Joan Larsen Over a lifetime of travel, I have always looked for those hidden wonders of nature – mostly so far off the beaten track that they are not known by most travelers.  Some of the most spectacular hidden treasures have been waterfalls that had to be flown into or hiked into in quite […]

Grim Thoughts on the Origins of Veterans Day: Voices From WWI

November 11, 2013


Note from Lila:  we have been fighting in Afghanistan for twelve years now, with ever less and less mention of it in the press.  It is our latest Forgotten War, even as it is still ongoing.  For all of the casualties of Iraq and Afghanistan, see “The Faces of the Fallen” at The Washington Post […]

The German American Bund: Our Forgotten Embarrassment

November 8, 2013


Back in 1936, with Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of an increasingly powerful and nationalistic Germany, Rudolf Hess authorized the formation of the Friends of New Germany in the United States.  As that name was soon deemed insufficiently patriotic toward America, the organization was redesignated as the German American Bund.  The purpose was to promote favorable […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Eye Candy – Penguins!

November 6, 2013


by Joan Larsen All photos by Debra Larsen SOUTH GEORGIA, Antarctica – Is it any wonder that the rest of the world pales once you have seen South Georgia, the large island in the south polar seas close to Antarctica?  It is considered the most beautiful place in our world.  Coming ashore by Zodiac raft, we are welcomed […]

Note From Lila

November 5, 2013


All, Lila and Hubby have embarked upon an adventure / dream / ordeal / disaster, depending on how it actually turns out.  We will only do this once.  We will learn a lot, but we will never be experts.  And we will have to live with the result for a long, long time. I speak […]

Welcome Back to Standard Time

November 4, 2013


Ah… yesterday, Daylight Saving Time ended for the year and we all got an extra hour to sleep in.  Spring ahead, fall back.  I’ve never been a fan.  While stationed in the tropics (and in Arizona), I didn’t have to worry so much about which weekend the time change was coming, about oversleeping, that jet-lag-like […]

Virginia Governor Election: Voting My Conscience

November 1, 2013


If voters really want an alternative to the same old bad choices, they have to vote it in. When it comes to elections, Lila has been around long enough to recognize the voter strategies… or voter despair.  In too many elections, I have felt that I was reduced to voting for the least awful of […]