Happy Anniversary, Forming the Thread!

Posted on March 25, 2013


25 March 2013 marks Forming the Thread’s one-year anniversary.  I resolved, when I started this, to publish something five days per week for at least one year.  I’d like to say “I made it!” but that’s not really true… the proper exclamation is “we made it!”, because Joan Larsen has been faithfully publishing every Wednesday, and Lauriate Roly, Mike Firesmith, Jeannot Kensinger and Luanne Keifer have also made this first year possible.  So… many, many thanks to all of these authors who have not only kept the Thread going, but have happily prevented it from degenerating into The Curmudgeon’s Daily Rant, or some such.  Ah, life is so much more interesting and pleasant with a variety of voices and ideas.

Speaking of that, huge thanks go to the Thread’s readers, followers, and commenters for your interest as I have inched along, learning as I went, and hopefully improving your experience on this site.  Blogs are all about interaction, so we hope to see more comments and discussions as we roll into our second year!

Here’s to 2013, and many more articles to ponder… what subjects would you like to see covered?  What’s to like?  What’s not to like?  Let us know what you think!