St. Patrick’s Day Thoughts on Dining

Posted on March 15, 2013


By Lauriate Roly

What is your favorite restaurant in the entire world? If you could visit it today, what would you order?

That’s a heavy question to ask anyone who has been fortunate to travel different lands, but on March 17th? St. Patty’s Day?

Well, St. Patty’s Day, of all days, is a perfect day to tell you how I answered this. It was posed to a group of us chosen to take part in a focus group survey dealing with a projected food and restaurant marketing and advertising campaign.

When I first was asked the question, I realized I couldn’t answer, but I did want to participate because it’s such an interesting subject.

There are just too many fabulous restaurants. So many marvelous chefs to provide indescribable and unforgettable gastronomic offerings: such beautiful restaurants with “beau-cadres” settings, staffed by delightful servers.

To pin it down to my favorite restaurant in the world is beyond my capability.

However, when asked, “if I could visit to-day” . . . I think this part of the question would be a more favorable route for me to take in providing an answer, because then I would base my answer on my favorite meal, which is breakfast, where I measure the menu by the actual simple foods generally required to provide a perfect “first food of the day” meal. Wholesome farm eggs, hefty bacon or portly ham, stiff butter for warm homemade soda bread or white toast, hot mild coffee and, of course, a lightly spiced farmer-sausage or two.

A full Irish breakfast in County Kerry, Ireland. Photo credit: Devon, at

No need to be specific about which restaurant for such simple delights, because, in Ireland, any reliable restaurant or hotel or inn will have such scrumptious fare ready for you any morning.

You just can’t beat Irish breakfasts.

That’s my favorite on St. Patty’s Day, or any day.  Happy St. Patty’s Day to all!

Born in Montreal, Lauriate is bilingual; his mother a Geordie from Newcastle on Tyne, his father a French Canadian Quebecer. Lauriate has traveled widely and has lived in Europe. His involvements are primarily of a creative nature focused on Music, Graphic and Literary Arts in the communications fields of Advertising and phases of the Entertainment business through television and film production.