No. I Don’t Think So. Not Again.

Posted on February 7, 2013


By Lauriate Roly


Flying was never for me…well, not at first.

If I couldn’t go there by automobile or passenger liner, I simply would not go.

Then, because airline travel become so popular, Atlantic crossings by ship dropped down to nil.

I became quite ill at about that time.


I had always said I must spend time in Ireland and because I thought that time was running out on me, I decided to go to Ireland by plane, since that was the only way left for me to travel across the ocean.

Anyone who knew me was stunned that I would even consider flying.

Well, the flight was wonderful. The country was wonderful. The trip was wonderful and, mysteriously, I got better.

From that moment, the skies opened up for me and I wanted to fly everywhere, and I practically did.

A new occupation required a constant flyer, and I elected myself to the job.

I was in the air every week, flying to any place I was needed, and I loved it. Just couldn’t get enough of it.

When I retired I planned to fly as often as I could to any place I wanted.

Then, the threat of terrible terrorist activities, especially against airplanes, became so frequent that my “frequent flyer” excursions became less frequent, and much less desirable.

As time went on, the dangers of terror in the air became more intense and my inclination to fly became just about zero.


The airlines were forced to institute strict and severe rules to ensure that their planes were safe for their passengers, but the new regulations took all the fun and glamour out of flying.

I have to admit that I am really quite afraid to fly now.

I’m not sure what would motivate me sufficiently to board an aircraft anymore.

However, maybe if a very special “someone” invited me to accompany them to some fantastically exotic and interesting place, or to some very special function or event, I might come out of my shell and make a reservation to board.

But, I hope no one approaches me with an offer.

To be honest, saying that I am afraid to fly is not entirely correct.

I am completely and totally scared as hell to fly again. Even to Ireland.

Born in Montreal, Lauriate is bilingual; his mother a Geordie from Newcastle on Tyne, his father a French Canadian Quebecer. Lauriate has traveled widely and has lived in Europe. His involvements are primarily of a creative nature focused on Music, Graphic and Literary Arts in the communications fields of Advertising and phases of the Entertainment business through television and film production.