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The Little-Known and Much-Neglected Essential Vitamin: K2

February 28, 2013


I can’t say it enough:  get your vitamin K.  I’m not a doctor, so don’t listen to me.  But check out the links in this article and see what you think after hearing what the experts have to say. Here’s the bottom line:  you need two forms of Vitamin K.  K1, which you can easily […]

A Personal Story From Joan Larsen: Remembering Steve Jobs

February 27, 2013


By Joan Larsen Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. –  Steve Jobs On the corner of Huron and Michigan Avenue on Chicago’s Miracle Mile lies Steve Job’s two-story APPLE store, glass-fronted, stunning, and always a drawing card for the out-of-town crowds packing the sidewalks, drawn to the displays of the latest innovative products […]

Starry Night

February 26, 2013


By Lauriate Roly My story is not spectacular. It is just something quite simple and I don’t want to make it appear to be anything else. But a lot happened that day. Our aim was to leave Paris very early in the morning intending to go as far south as we could to reach Cannes […]

Horsemeat Scandal in Britain: Why It Matters

February 25, 2013


So some horsemeat found its way into “beef” products in Britain recently.  Investigations!  Scandals!  Arrests!  Why the uproar?  What’s the problem? Well, if the horses had been raised for meat and sold with a correct label, it shouldn’t have been a problem.  After all, horse is consumed in a number of countries.  When I traveled […]

Goodbye Shirley Schrift, And Your Unforgettable Aliases

February 22, 2013


By Lauriate Roly No one can ever measure my love for live theatre. It is unique and irreplaceable. Aside from usually being ecstatic about the performances themselves, I seem to be heaven blessed sometimes with unexpected serendipitous experiences where I get to meet and speak with some of the performers. I will never forget the […]

Google Glass is Almost Here: Zombies Unite, Everyone Else – Look Out!

February 21, 2013


Nearly a year ago, we wrote about the concept development of Google Glass, which is basically a wearable computer with a little viewer that hangs in front of one eye. At the time, Google put out an early concept video to show what wearing the device might be like.  Gosh, looks wonderful, doesn’t it? On […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel: Shore Party in the Land of the Midnight Sun

February 20, 2013


By Joan Larsen Life holds the most unexpected surprises, the forever memories, to those who are open to them.  Isn’t that true?  But, on this day of astonishing splendor that, truly, only a few countries in our world can offer, this journey — to the edge of the world that was Norway —  had been […]

The Missing Link: Scrat! No, Really!

February 19, 2013


And now for a little light entertainment, a chuckle which will hopefully brighten your day.  Sometimes life imitates art – or in this case, a fossil imitates a cartoon – in the most satisfyingly hilarious way. If you have seen any of the Ice Age movies by Blue Sky Studios, then you are familiar with […]

Opposing Suzanne Venker’s View on Women’s Happiness

February 18, 2013


Author Suzanne Venker promotes the idea that women and men are not equal, and everyone would be a lot happier if we all just acknowledged that and went back to our old traditional roles.   Venker’s  bio page at Amazon reports that “Her roles as wife and mother make up the core of her existence–shaping her […]

Future Scholars Discover Trove of Early-21st-Century Correspondence: OMG!

February 15, 2013


Our Valentine’s Week of Letters is drawing to a close today.  We have celebrated the beauty, durability, and deep sentiment of the hand-written word, and we have lamented the impending loss of it now that schools are no longer teaching cursive.  Much of today’s youth sees no reason to master any form of handwriting, eschewing […]

Every Year. February Fourteenth. (Ouch!)

February 14, 2013


By Lauriate Roly I like St. Valentine’s Day. It’s a great idea, but it still always gives me horrible shivers. When I was young, I had to quit school and go to work. The places I worked always paid their employees twice a month… on the fifteenth and on the last day of the month. […]

Joan Larsen’s Life Stories: Love Letters

February 13, 2013


By Joan Larsen Now, all but past the middle age of life, I still remain a total romantic.  I don’t expect to ever get past that phase.  .  . and I often wonder how many others feel the same way.  I feel a life without love is no life at all.  And, as the years […]

Joan Larsen Recommends: Love Letters on the Silver Screen

February 12, 2013


by Joan Larsen The perfect time of year to curl up on the sofa, fire flickering in the fireplace, for some of my long-time favorite letter-writing movies that are bound to touch the chords of our hearts. Love Letters (1945), the Jennifer Jones/Joseph Cotton drama in which Cotton wrote love letters for his Army buddy […]

On The Beauty of the Hand-Written Letter

February 11, 2013


I have mentioned previously that my Great-Grandfather served in World War One.  At one time, young Ted Roosevelt, the former President’s eldest son, served under his command.  My ancestor thought highly of him, and wrote to the former President telling him so.  Teddy Roosevelt showed his appreciation for this scarce and personal wartime news by […]

Some Grads are Unemployed Because They Can’t Be Bothered

February 8, 2013


Ah, spring approaches, and a young man’s fancy turns to… internships.  Alas, I’m losing patience with all the sad headlines about unemployed young college grads and their tough circumstances.  Here’s why. I am of an age that for a few years now, my old high school friends have been going through this with their own […]

No. I Don’t Think So. Not Again.

February 7, 2013


By Lauriate Roly   Flying was never for me…well, not at first. If I couldn’t go there by automobile or passenger liner, I simply would not go. Then, because airline travel become so popular, Atlantic crossings by ship dropped down to nil. I became quite ill at about that time. I had always said I […]

Joan Larsen’s Travel Stories: North Into the Never-Never

February 6, 2013


By Joan Larsen Flying by small plane, low over Australia’s Northern Territory, we are present- day Crocodile Dundees, wanting to be one of the first to go exploring a desert world that most travelers will never see. Our delightful, agreeable pilot seemed more than happy to chase down the only large inhabitants in the empty […]

Discoveries by an Unintentional Sanctimommy

February 5, 2013


Janine Kovac, writing for Role/Reboot, got herself into a world of hurt last week with her post, “Maybe You Are Ready for Kids, You’re Just Not Paying Attention.”  It was an open letter to her friend, “Doris,” who was apparently a thirty-something, self-absorbed career woman agonizing over whether she would ever be ready to have […]

“Cats Are Evil”: Just a Bit Simplistic

February 4, 2013


Reporters seem capable of focusing on only one simple concept at a time.  Okay, I get it; they only have so many seconds of air time, or so many column-inches available.  They probably try to keep their stories short to cater to our allegedly miniscule attention spans.  They don’t want to overburden us or muddy […]

Gun Control: When Hysteria, Panic and Spectacle Render our Decisions Ineffective

February 1, 2013


My beef with the hearings on Capitol Hill this week is that they are highly emotional, and high emotions do not make for good, logical decisions.  But I guess that’s politics. Case in point:  we have had a spate of highly spectacular shootings in this country.  The public and lawmakers have become hyperfocused on “assault […]