Sandy Hook “Truthers” – Too Stupid to Own Guns

Posted on January 17, 2013


Well, this is something I did not  expect to come out of the Sandy Hook shooting incident.  As Alex Seitz-Wald reports in Salon, a man who helped shelter children and their bus driver on the morning of the shooting is now being targeted… by conspiracy theorists.

You know, in the wake of the incident, there was a lot of soul-searching about what’s wrong with America.  Well, here ya go.  Conspiracy nuts tearing down a guy who was just doing the right thing and made the supremely bad choice, or had the supremely bad luck, of coming to the media’s attention.  I had not heard his story previously, so here it is in a nutshell:  The morning of the shooting, Mr. Rosen saw a bus driver and six children in front of his house.  The driver was trying to calm the children down.  When Mr. Rosen approached, the kids told him that their teacher was shot dead.  Mr. Rosen took the children and the driver into his house, and using cell phone numbers provided by the bus driver, called the kids’ parents.  And that’s about all there was to it.

Mr. Rosen’s actions do not make him a hero (we love to throw that word around).  He was just a decent guy who did a decent thing when he encountered the survivors of a horrible event.  One would hope that everyone would be just that decent.  But then he told his story to the media.  Now, idiots who can’t be bothered with a fact or two, and yet, ironically, call themselves “Truthers,” have the nerve to actually call this guy’s house and ask how much the government is paying him to participate in this “hoax.”  They send emails accusing him of lying, and have even implied that he is a pedophile (sure, this is what happens with any man who has the audacity to help a child in need, yet another thing that is really, really wrong with America… but I digress).

But Mr. Rosen’s pain is the least of it.  These fools insist that the dead are still alive, or never existed at all.  That the grieving parents we see on TV are paid actors.  In a separate article for Salon, Mr. Seitz-Wald details some of these ill-conceived theories and where they come from.  Needless to say, these “Truthers” conduct their investigations from their keyboards and computer monitors, and the least, most insubstantial specks of information become the basis for believing in grand and sweeping machinations of the Illuminati, or some such garbage.  A typo, a posthumous quote, a child who looks like her dead sister – no, no, these things are proof, dammit, proof that this is a big government-originated conspiracy to take our guns away.

Well, Truthers, if you are so certain that Principal Dawn Hochsprung is still alive, prove it.  Do some real investigating.  Get your lazy butts out of your computer chairs and go to Connecticut and find her.  Shouldn’t be too hard, what with your primo investigative skills.  But you won’t find her.  This woman, committed to education and enlightenment – something you are sorely lacking in – is gone.

Lila, like most military people, has spent much of her life around weapons and is pretty comfortable with them, and with being around other people who have them.  Lila is not in favor of draconian gun restrictions, because that will simply result in disarming law-abiding citizens while having zero effect on the real problem weapons – illegal guns in the hands of criminals.  But you know what?

There is such a thing as being too damned stupid to own a gun.