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What The Colorado Wildfires Have Taught Me About Reverse 911 Calls

June 29, 2012


Reverse 911 calls.  I had no idea such a thing existed until a friend mentioned it in her emails about the fires threatening her neighborhood.  The residents had been advised, but not ordered, to evacuate.  As a precaution, she moved her family in with her aunt on the other side of town, but after several […]

Obamacare is Unconstitutional: Will the Supreme Court Agree?

June 28, 2012


The Supreme Court is due to rule today on the so-called “Obamacare” health-care mandate.  I am not really interested in listening to what the politicians have to say about it (isn’t listening to anything politicians have to say lately like trying to mediate a preschool riot?).  I am kind of interested in the impact the […]

Travel: Whitewater Rafting on the Nolichucky River

June 27, 2012


Some years ago, when my grandmother was in her 80s, she began checking things off her unwritten “bucket list.”  It all started innocently enough, with an ocean cruise, and we saw her off from the docks.  But months later, relatives sent a picture of her doing her first (and only) parachute jump.  And then it […]

The “Digital Divide,” Time-Wasting and the Have-Nots: A Hint on the Importance of Effort

June 26, 2012


The New York Times ran an article last month bemoaning the “new digital divide.”  Back in the 1990s, Matt Richtel writes, the term “digital divide” referred to the gap between those who were wealthy enough to afford computers and internet access, and those who were not.  The perception at the time was that computers and […]

On Single Parenthood

June 25, 2012


Last year, a favorite website ran a feature celebrating single mothers who have helped to change societal attitudes toward single parenting.  Certainly, there was a time when having children out of wedlock carried a definite stigma, divorce was frowned upon, and widows and widowers were objects of pity, and generally expected to remarry. I confess […]

The Unpretentious Elitist

June 22, 2012


Much has been written and discussed in the public venue over the years concerning the decline in our moral and ethical values, our education levels, and the quality of our national culture.  We’re getting fatter, stupider, shallower, louder, ruder, sloppier, and more in debt with each passing year, no one is responsible for their own […]

10-4, Driver: CB Radios Still Have Their Uses

June 21, 2012


Many years ago, when cell phones were still as big as your head and probably cost as much as your car, my husband and I were reassigned from one coast of the US to the other coast.  We decided to drive our two vehicles in our own mini-convoy, and bought two CB radios for this […]

A Shift in Priority: Why Adoption Has Become Rarer, and Why It Shouldn’t Be

June 20, 2012


Margo Howard’s “Dear Margo” column last Thursday got me to thinking.  LW#2 had written in for advice about her nephew, suffering from a sort of “Cinderella syndrome” following the arrival of his half-sibling.  Well, discussion threads being what they are, segues will occur.  Commenter Davina Wolf wrote: Too many people have kids just because they […]

Are the “1% Wives” Enabling the War on Women?

June 19, 2012


Elizabeth Wurtzel, writing in the Atlantic Monthly, argues that “real feminists don’t depend on men.  Real feminists earn a living, have money and means of their own.”  That “…there is really only one kind of equality… and it’s economic.”  Her article is subtitled “Being a mother isn’t a real job – and the men who […]

Paean and Requiem to the Reese’s Crispy Crunchy Bar

June 18, 2012


Okay, Hershey, what gives? Where the heck are all the Reese’s Crispy Crunchy Bars? They seem to be going extinct, even on your website! When I click your “locate hard-to-find items,” the Reese’s Crispy Crunchy Bar – Nature’s most perfect food, by the way – is not one of the choices! What kind of callous […]

All You Do-Gooders on the Bloomberg Bandwagon: Food Bans Have No Place in a Free Country

June 15, 2012


After my rant about NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s crusade against big sodas, a letter to the editors appeared in the Washington Post, not only extolling the virtues of Bloomberg’s plan, but calling for more:  to focus on other items in the “toxic-food environment,” such as “cheeseburgers, hot dogs and potato chips.”  The writer is Susan Levin, […]

“Subprime College Educations” – Partly Our Own Fault

June 14, 2012


George Will has an article in the Washington Post this week about the rising cost and declining quality of American college educations.  It really resonated with me, and the schools have a lot to answer for; it seems that these days, a college education is of less preparatory value than high school used to be […]

Cell Phone Rudeness: In the Public Restroom? Really?

June 13, 2012


I imagine we are all pretty tired of loud cell phone conversations in restaurants or train cars, or of seeing flashing screens among text-addicted moviegoers.  We may lament it, but we have become reluctantly accustomed to drivers yammering obliviously away on their phones as they weave from lane to lane.  We are not only barraged […]

Bra Construction and What it Means About How Society Views Women

June 12, 2012


A few days ago I was out shopping with a friend, and we ended up in a well-known lingerie store.  Now, I am not (ahem) endowed, so I generally just stick with sports bras, and frankly, I like my own figure just fine.  But I was quite struck by the rather heavy padding I found […]

When Parents Drag Their Children to Their Doom: Speeding over 100 MPH in a Crowded 35 MPH Work Zone Brings Death

June 11, 2012


We live in the DC area, a certifiably insane place, and not just because of the politicians.  This area is consistently rated as one of the worst cities in the US for traffic.  My radio is constantly tuned to a station which provides traffic reports, because it is a given that there is probably an […]

Rielle Hunter, Please Go Away

June 8, 2012


Oh, joy.  Now that the John Edwards trial is over, we can look forward to the upcoming release of his mistress’ memoir of the whole sordid affair.  Rielle Hunter’s book will be titled What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me.  I, for one, will never so much as pick one up to look […]

Octomom: What Employment Options Does She Have?

June 7, 2012


Here’s something you don’t see every day: a serious-minded article in Forbes about the Octomom’s financial decisions and future earning potential.  Octomom recently turned to filming a porn movie with Wicked Pictures to bring in some cash, and her latest moneymaking effort was a foray into the world of stripping.  She has also made money […]

Salt: Is the Government Right to Demonize It?

June 6, 2012


The too-much-salt-is-bad-for-you mantra is well embedded in my psyche.  I am not sure when I first began hearing it, but probably in my teens and certainly by my early 20s.  But when I joined the Army and went through my most rigorous training – Basic Training, Officer Candidate School, and later, Airborne School, all in […]

Today! Your Last Chance to See the Transit of Venus

June 5, 2012


If you are a sky-watcher at all, you may be interested to know that Venus passes directly between the Earth and the Sun only on very rare occasions, due to its tilted orbit.  The last transit – in which Venus appears as a perfectly round black dot crossing the face of the Sun – was […]

Hands Off My Sodas, Nanny Government!

June 4, 2012


In the latest salvo in the war on obesity, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg is proposing a limit on sugary drinks served in the city:  16 ounces max.   While I am not the type to drown myself in 64 ounces of soda, this really offends me!   We are a free country, dangit, and we should […]

Strange Justice: Police Cleared After Killing Elderly Black Man Over Medical Alert

June 1, 2012


Here’s one I don’t understand.  According to CNN, a 68-year-old, fragile man, Kenneth Chamberlain, was in his own apartment when his medical alert device went off accidentally.  First responders were notified that the alert device was going off and Chamberlain needed medical help.  Medical help.  Keep that in mind as you read on.  An ambulance […]