Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Posted on May 25, 2012


All, according to AAA, this Memorial Day Weekend is shaping up to be a busy one on the roads.  Maybe that’s because gas prices are actually down, which is a very good thing.  A lot of travelers will be headed out to the beaches, or to visit family, or to enjoy a long weekend somewhere away from the usual grind.

Family, friends, and enjoying what our country has to offer is what America is all about.  Freedom of movement, freedom of choice, freedom to assemble.

While you enjoy these and other freedoms, remember your veterans.  Currently, less than 10% of the US population has ever served in the military, and less than 1% are active duty (and the military is being downsized in coming years).  We haven’t had a draft since the Vietnam War, yet the military has been busier than ever, ramping up slowly in the 1980s with Grenada, Libya, Lebanon, Panama… and then the Gulf War… and eventually, the long and costly wars following 9/11.  Many of these soldiers, individually, have served more time in combat than most of our troops did in WWII.

I do not agree with the casus belli of all of these expeditions and wars, but I salute the all-volunteer force that has taken on these missions.  Without these volunteers, the case might have been made to re-institute the draft.*  So thank your veterans.  Even if you don’t agree with our politicians’ decisions, these men and women gave you, and everyone else, the choice not to serve.  The choice not to go to war.  The choice to follow your own aspirations.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, and stay safe!

*I am actually in favor of the draft, but that’s another post for another day.