End “Traditional Asian Medicine.” It is Useless and Horrific.

Posted on May 23, 2012


I have never been a fan of so-called “traditional medicine” which trades in elephants’ feet, rhino horn and tiger penises, pushing endangered species to the brink of extinction and achieving exactly zero benefit for humankind.  And then I saw a horrific article whose headline was worthy of some tabloid rag, if only it were not so horribly true:  South Korea has been grappling with an influx of capsules filled with powdered dead fetuses and placental material.  The capsules have been originating from ethnic Koreans living in China, and are destined for a Korean market where it is thought that consuming these capsules will bring health and sexual prowess.  Not only is it mind-boggling to imagine someone producing these hideous things… chopping up the flesh, drying it, powdering it, encapsulating it…, but imagine!  People are buying and consuming powdered dead babies, and no one has been punished.  It turns the stomach.

I thought that was pretty extreme.  But it is perhaps more commonplace than we wanted to imagine.   Now, a Taiwanese man has been arrested in Thailand after buying roasted, gold-covered human fetuses from another Taiwanese man, for use in black magic rituals intended to bring good fortune.  Well, at least he was arrested, that’s something.

Sorry, but there is no redeeming value in a so-called “medicine” which decimates rare animals and turns unborn human flesh into a commodity for ritualistic cannibalism.  It is disgusting, and it is ignorant.  The more I learn about Asia… honestly… the less I care for it.  In my younger days, it was emphasized that many Asian cultures were far older than our own, the implication being that this was a matter of awe and respect.  I have come to disagree.  When your “ancient culture” reveres medieval witchcraft and black magic as a viable option to influence one’s health and life, it’s time to abandon it and join those of us who live in the 21st century.