Got Miniskirt? Want Respect? Wear Panties!

Posted on April 11, 2012


Here we go again!  Just recently, Miley Cyrus was getting into her car, and a photographer taking her picture from normal adult’s-eye height got a big ol’ shot of her privates… since she was following in the footsteps of other young airheads, and wearing a tiny, tight minidress with no panties.  So now we all know that she goes bare-floor down there.  Knowledge we could have done without.  Haven’t we had enough of this yet?  It’s not smart or sexy.  It’s indecent, it’s low-class, and it contributes to the objectification of all women.

We can complain all day long about the trends of increasing sexual objectification, hypersexualizing young girls, women not being taken seriously or having equal pay and promotions in the workplace, or even the Republican “war on women,” but you know what?  As long as we’re hanging our coochies out there for everyone to see, we’re not going to get a lot of respect as complete human beings.  If you want to be all about sex, guess what?  You will be all about sex.  Is that what we should really be striving for in the 21st century?

What possesses young women to wear a miniskirt with no panties?  Are panties really such a horrible burden to wear?  Do girls think no one will notice?  Do they think their privates will stay covered?  News flash:  miniskirt minus panties equals exposure, virtually guaranteed.  Add a few cameras, which everyone has these days , and… well.  The consequences are predictable.

Ladies, here is a brief tutorial of what a miniskirt looks like under normal circumstances, and it’s not good.  Did you know that when you’re on an escalator, everyone below you can see… everything?   That when you sit down, people across from you can see up your skirt?  Let the wind blow a pleated or ruffled miniskirt, or bend down to adjust your shoe, and there it is again!  Not real classy… but at least these women were classy enough to wear panties!  And thank God for that, or we would be seeing a lot more here.


Okay, are we seeing a trend here?  You might think you’re covered, but you’re not!  And you might think the miniskirt is sexy (and it can be), but if it’s showing your panties… and especially if it’s showing your privates… that’s not smart, sexy, or respectable; it’s just low-class.

Originally published at The Color of Lila