Brazil: Amazing, Spontaneous Dolphin Rescue

Posted on April 7, 2012


It happened at a beach at Arraial do Cabo near Río de Janeiro in Brazil, last month.  According to Peru’s El Comercio, about 30 dolphins apparently were caught in a strong ocean current which caused them to beach.  When this video, shot by Gerd Traue, begins, you can see the flailing dolphins churning the water as they are swept toward shore.  As the dolphins begin to beach, at first it seems that no one is doing anything to help; but once several lifeguards begin to pull the animals back into deeper water, other beachgoers start to pitch in.  In less than five minutes, the whole incident is over, with a well-earned round of applause.  Check out the story and video at El Comercio!

Here’s Gerd Traue’s original video: