Easter Special: The Art of Ukrainian Pysanky

Posted on April 6, 2012


Tired of the same old boring Easter Eggs?  Check out the art of Ukrainian Pysanky at Ann Morasch’s site, LearnPysanky.com.  This is the best website I have yet seen explaining how to make these elaborate decorations, with a great FAQ section for all of your questions.

Pysanky are not like our boring, yet generally edible, dyed Easter eggs.  They are intended as durable decorations.   I first learned of these gems while on business in Kiev, and could not resist taking home a box of them as gifts.  My friends have treasured them as Christmas ornaments ever since.

One of the most common questions is whether to empty the eggs before decorating, or not.  Ann recommends emptying them, which allows for more display options and precludes the occasional exploding fetid egg.  The eggs that I bought in Kiev had been emptied prior to decoration.  But I do know people who leave the eggs intact and usually, the contents eventually dry up with no problem.

Check out Ann Morasch’s site for more info and a lot of beautiful pictures!  And… if making these yourself seems a bridge too far, but you would like to have one… she does have a gift shop.