Farewell to wowOwow?

Posted on April 2, 2012


Well, it was a great idea, and fun while it lasted.  Where else could a thinking, mature woman hang out on the Internet for meaningful conversation?  Sure – there were a few topics that would really get some folks going (any post mentioning Sarah Palin was sure to draw massive numbers of comments).  But overall, the site was a worthwhile visit on most days.

Alas, we saw several baffling reformats and a gradual shift in the material that we liked to sink our teeth into.  In the end, our faithful Liz Smith, Margo Howard, and the inimitable, mysterious Mr. Wow were the main pillars that kept most of us coming back.  But then came the announcement:  Listen Up!

It remains to be seen just how the website will transform.  From what we have been told, Margo Howard will still appear Thursdays and Fridays; otherwise…?

So here we are, our usual vibrant hangout stilled.  It’s like walking into your favorite club and finding all the chairs up on the tables and the lights turned off.   That’s why some of us lamented to each other that we should start a new club to hang out in, and here it is, or an attempt at it, anyway:  Forming the Thread.  Glad you found it!

Okay, full disclosure:  so far, the site has been mainly designed and fed by Lila, who is a rank amateur in IT matters and knows not  what she does.  So – to make this place truly ours, let’s get some discussions going!   Let Lila know what kind of material you’d like to see, or send suggestions on how to make the site better.  If you have a hankering to write an article, send it on in!  Let’s get those meaty topics that we have missed back into circulation.

Meanwhile, Lila has included feeds and / or links to Mr. Wow, Liz Smith and Margo Howard so you have our favorites in one spot.  So – come on by, check out the site, let the old regulars know you’re here, and let’s make it our new hangout!