cover2-giraffe April 16, 2014

The Ethan Couch Case Revisited: More Outrage, But One Fierce Victim

April 21, 2014


The remains of the truck Couch was driving.  Photo Credit: WFAA

Remember Ethan Couch, the Affluenza Boy? The spoiled rich kid who slaughtered four and injured nine (some permanently) while drunk and speeding on a dark residential road? Whose parents had never disciplined him for anything, ever, no matter how serious? Whose lawyers argued… successfully… that young Mr. Couch couldn’t be held responsible for this horrific […]

Is Your Weight Your University’s Business?

April 18, 2014



In a poorly-executed attempt to forestall eating disorders, Yale University has established a history of tormenting underweight students Back when Lila was a mere wisp of a college student, she was 5’0″ and weighed all of 95 pounds. Sometimes it might even be a bit less. When she joined the Army several years later, her […]

Lila’s Olive and Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

April 14, 2014



All, if you love olives you will love this. (If not… meh, not so much). It’s also a pretty quick and easy recipe.   8 ounces of rotelle or rotini pasta 12 frozen pre-cooked meatballs of your choice Half an onion About half of a roasted red pepper, from a jar (I like Mezzetta) About […]

Grampa on a Gold Chain: No Thanks

April 11, 2014


Is Gramps in here someplace?

If you opt to keep your loved ones’ ashes close to your heart, what will eventually happen to them when you die?   There have always been some folks who kept their loved ones’ ashes enshrined in fancy urns on the fireplace mantel. Then there was the hair jewelry of the 19th century. Now, we […]

Joan Larsen’s Best Life-Changing Trip of 2014: The Rocky Mountaineer

April 9, 2014



By Joan Larsen The tantalizing call of “All aboard,” chimed by the conductor at Vancouver’s Pacific Central Station had us scurrying down the platform toward the sharply-uniformed train staff, waiting to warmly welcome us aboard “The Rocky Mountaineer”.   Yes, we have always heard about “Classic Rail Journeys” but not in my wildest dreams did I […]

To Thank Our War Vets, Lila Will Be Boycotting Macy’s For a While

April 7, 2014



Bad stereotypes: “I’m not hiring you for this job because you are black, and I know you will spend all your time shuckin’ and jivin’ instead of working.” “I’m not hiring you for this job because you are a woman and I know you will just get pregnant and quit right after we get you […]


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