Cover-Doc-a July 30, 2014

Happy Eid al-Fitr 1435

July 28, 2014



Today, 28 July, is the day that U.S. Muslims celebrate the Feast of Breaking the Fast, the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan this year. Eid mubarak!  Today begins a three-day holiday of prayer, charity, feasting, visiting, and gift-giving as Muslims celebrate the end of the difficult month of Ramadan, which requires abstaining from […]

Immigration Crisis: Why Should Honduras Get Special Consideration?

July 25, 2014



Perspective: the fact that a “refugee” can walk to our border does not make them more deserving of asylum than other sufferers around the world. Now, with an unmanageable flow of underage, unaccompanied illegal immigrants overwhelming US facilities near the border, the Obama administration is thinking about screening thousands of children and young adults in […]

Joan Larsen Encore: The Grand Days of London – An Interlude with Ingrid Bergman

July 23, 2014



By Joan Larsen Another world, another time…  a time when we were young, eager to grab for the stars along the way, and then – then – an opportunity to go to London.  LONDON!  Well, London was like being given the world.  Two weeks in London was to be a glimpse of heaven and we […]

Hey South Carolina: I Was a 7-Year-Old Latchkey Kid

July 21, 2014



Thank God it was the 1970s, so my Dad didn’t end up in jail, and I didn’t end up in foster care.   In the news we hear of a South Carolina mother who was jailed and lost custody of her 9-year-old daughter for allowing her to play unsupervised at a local park (with a […]

Online News Sites Beware: Advertisers That Act as Reader Repellent

July 18, 2014



If your ads are too distracting, you’re just making me leave the page I am on to seek out my content elsewhere… the opposite of the desired effect.   Lila is a big consumer of news articles. I know that sites have to be funded by something, and since most people don’t want to pay […]

Joan Larsen Presents: Living Your Life With Passion – The Holstee Manifesto

July 16, 2014



By Joan Larsen   Each year in my home,we celebrate a day that is private only to us. This year it began in early morning. A long thin wrapped gift lay on the dining table. On top, the heavy cream-colored envelope said only “My Love”. The note paper was heavy. My husband obviously had spent […]


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